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The Infector (Neutral, Offensive)


The Infector, Neutral, Unique, Offensive

Passive 1: Already Infected: Immune to poisoning/bleeding

Passive 2: Determined: Immune to death once

Day Ability 1: Terrible Disease: Make infection cough go through infection immunity, unlimited uses but it does need you to have 2 infected players and it has a 2 day recharge time

Day Ability: Worst Disease Yet: kill a person at night

Night Ability 1: Infection Cough: Infect a player, 1 day recharge time, if you infect a poisoned/bleeding person they will die even if healed. Phys, stone skinned alch, and herb are immune to being infected and you will be informed of that, unlimited uses

Night Ability 2: Infection Shield: protect yourself from attacks and infect anyone visiting you, 2 use, can only be used after night 3

Goal: Survive to see the survivors at the end infected with the disease

Feedback/suggestions are appreciated

  1. This class is pretty hard to play, you can only infect one person at a time, they could be Immune, and they could die later. Also if evil is doing really bad you could have to infect a ton of BD(like half the court) in order to win.

  2. What makes this class fun? Sure, maybe you get to decide the winner of a 1v1 but BD have no reason to keep you alive and tbh this class doesn’t really seem fun to play as you just click a button every couple of nights hoping to infect someone and not die(not to mention prince/lynching)

  3. If you infect a bleeding/poisoned player and then they die cause they can’t get healed, you’ve effectively just wasted 2 nights on killing them instead of trying to win… Not effective and this makes it harder for him to win as it goes against his win condition.



Well if it was easy you would just win auto win, everything has to have challenge to be fun or else it’s not

Why kill him though? No evil would ever claim it unless their dumb because he is unique, also you can just go and do a fake claim if you’re really scared about being lynched or killed by prince. What makes this class fun is because of a challenge, if you could auto get on stand as fool it wouldn’t be fun.

this is just a punishment for ignoring chat


I like the concept the only thing that I would want you to change is alch being able to get infected bypassing he immunity. My belief is if alch use stone skin they shouldn’t be able to die at all


Okay, thanks!


I’m guessing that the alch gets rid of the infection when they stonskin. I am going to try to reread it again and give it more suggestions :slight_smile:


What does infection actually do? It’s not harmfull


infection just does nothing unless used on poisoned/bleeding people


Then you shouldn’t make any class immune to it because you can’t win if they survive. Besides alch and physician are already immune to poison and bleeding. Don’t know where they get their potions, because I never even see them use it.


Don’t take this as me being mean it’s just my opinion D;


Well if a class wasn’t immune to it you would easily win


Fair enough. No evil will care enough to end your life except a NK who doesn’t feel like dying to bleeds


It’s okay


Do you want to riot??? @Pug said they would make a muffin faction… but I don’t see any muffins…

Really was looking forward to that.


Yeah me too xd


I think there needs to be a way that this class feels like a threat. Like a way it could kill somone? Not to many kills like 1


sure I could add that


I wouldn’t call it support because it HELPS none but is a extra vote. I wouldn’t call it social cause It had nothing to do with talking. Would call it offensive??? It’s more offensive than anything because it’s not a straight up killer but it has a way to protect itself


Okay, thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks to you I got a new idea for a neutral class :slight_smile: I am going to get the base of it written and expect it soon :slight_smile: