The Imperium (New Evil Faction)

New Evil Faction: Imperium

(Note: The names are obviously jokes but it’s still a semi-serious suggestion that I’ve balanced as well as I can, actual feedback is welcome)

Classes: Staff, Moderator, Judge, Guide, (also a new BD class, Shitposter*). Evil King will be Teemo King.

Spawns with: 1x Staff, 1x Guide (max member limit is 4, only 2 of each class can co-exist)

*Name will be changed later, probably

Basic explanation of how the Faction works:

Imperium spawns with a Staff and a Guide. Every convert becomes a Guide. There can only be one Staff at a time. Staff can choose to either convert a new Guide or promote an existing Imperium member. Conversion and Promotion go on cooldown when successful so they can’t be spammed. Promotion order is Guide -> Judge -> Moderator. Guides have no killing power so Imperium needs at least one Judge to start killing. If the starting Staff dies, the current oldest Moderator becomes the new Staff, other Moderator (if one exists) gets a free charge to every ability. If no Moderator exists to become Staff, all other existing Imperium get a promotion and Imperium continues without new conversions/promotions.

Shitposter - Blue Dragon Investigative


Ban Evasion: Immune to Banhammer (not Empowered Banhammer), also immune to poison and bleed

Member List: Always knows the lowest rank Imperium member’s class (informs at the start of each > day). Informs you if there are no Imperium left.

Day abilities:

No u: All day abilities used on you will also affect whoever used them on you (works on bleed even though you are immune). Does not work on Imprison. (3 uses).

Night abilities:

Generic Investigation Ability: Check if someone’s part of the Imperium. (Infinite uses).

Staff - Imperium Special


Do Not Disturb: Cannot be found by Shitposter (not immune to Member List). Only starting Staff has this passive.

Flameguard: Death immune, bleed immune, occupy immune, redirect immune (occupation and redirection attempts will appear successful to whoever used them)

Day abilities:

Timeout: Silence a player for 20 seconds, they won’t be informed and will see their messages as having gone through. (2 uses).

Hotfix: Shorten the duration of the day by 10 seconds immediately. (1 use).

Night abilities:

Recruit: Convert a member of the Blue Dragon into a Guide. Has the same pity conversion mechanics as other conversions. Goes on a 1 day cooldown if successful. (Infinite uses.)

Promote: Promote a member of the Imperium, granting them new abilities. 1 day cooldown is successful. (Infinite uses.)

Moderator - Imperium Offensive


Weak Flameguard: Bleed immune, occupy immune, redirect immune

Multitask: Can use several night abilities at once. Two Judges/Moderators attacking the same target will bypass death immunity

Day abilities:

Mod approval: Empower a member of the Imperium for the day. Their day abilities will not consume any charges for the day. (1 use).

Mod disapproval: Prevent the target from using day abilities for the day. (1 use).

Night abilities:

Empowered Banhammer: Attack a target player, also occupying them for the night. (Infinite uses).

#off-topic: Redirect a target into the King. (2 uses).

Judge - Imperium Killer


Weaker Flameguard: Bleed immune
Teamwork: Two Judges/Moderators attacking the same target will bypass death immunity

Day abilities:

Warn: Mark a player until the next day. All night abilities used against this target the next night will be guaranteed to visit. Also puts a huge marker on their heads for Imperium. (2 uses per game).
Bleed: Bleeds the target. (2 uses per game).

Night abilities:

Banhammer: Attack a target player. (2 uses).
Yamdbf: Read a player’s logbook and see whispers to and from the target the next day. (2 uses).

Guide - Imperium Support


Passive: Has no passives lol

Day abilities:

Confusion: Redirect all day abilities used by the target into someone else. (3 uses).

I’m helping!: Empower the target Imperium member for the night. Allows Judge or Moderator to target two people with Banhammer, or allows Staff to both Promote and Convert the same night (still applies cooldown). (1 use per game).

Night abilities:

Read Discord: Check the target’s class type. (Infinite uses).

Disguisempower: Disguise the target Imperium member the next day and night (will not affect tonight), changing their class type (can’t be Special, can’t be used on Staff) and disguising them as BD. The target will gain special effects or abilities based on their class type and actual class. (2 uses).


Killer: Bleeds attackers who visit you (you can still die)

Offensive: Redirection/Occupation immunity

Support: Gain a charge of Disguisempower

Social: One use of Telepathy lul

Investigative: Find out if your investigation target visited anyone or was visited by anyone that night. Won’t tell you who.


Killer: Guaranteed to visit target

Offensive: Redirection/Occupation immunity. One extra charge of Warn.

Support: Refunds your Banhammer use if the attack doesn’t kill (doesn’t help with occ/jail)

Social: Noble Twin because lmao memes

Investigative: Find out your target’s class type if you attack them (honestly kinda useless unless you hit NK or something)


Killer: Death immunity. If hit by Knight guard or Bear, delay the death by one night. Can’t be transferred by Chrono. Only removed by Moderator becoming Staff.

Offensive: Lets the Moderator use #off-topic on anyone, not just King

Support: Guide will delay the Moderator’s already delayed death at the cost of his own life

Social: Gain Vote Scrambling for the day. One use per game, using Social twice will not give you another charge. Vote Scrambling will scramble yes/no votes during a vote while keeping the same amount of exe/pardon.

Investigative: Find out the class type of your #off-topic target, as well as the class types of everyone who visit both them and yourself

Alternatively just make Disempower do the disguise but simplify the Empower part into:
Guide: Find out if your investigation target visited anyone or was visited by anyone that night. Won’t tell you who.
Judge: Gains Noble Twin for the day. Refunds banhammer if the attack doesn’t kill.
Moderator: Death immunity, getting hit by Knight/Bear kills you the next night instead.

So this is obviously a meme faction, but I tried to make it as viable as possible if it was actually implemented (with changed names). There’s some balance concerns but I tweaked it as much as I could. I’ve probably overlooked something though. Even though the names are memes, serious feedback is appreciated. A promotion based evil faction could be fun. Also lmao Disempower’s tooltip in-game.

And yes, I know the class types are all over the place and there’s no cohesion.


That’s actually impressively well thought-out. Probably won’t make it though due to how 4th-wall-breaky it is.



Otherwise good suggestion, would add, love how Judge gets Noble Twin, definitely best ability in there.


I dare you to look up Alice’s judge from HoB triple threat :^)

Yeah, all the names would have to be changed in order for it to be actually added. But I think if the names were changed into something serious, it could work.

Disguisempower is hilariously long, yeah. I think the shorter version could work, or just a whole new ability as long as its function is to help the other Imperium members. Support and all.