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The Haunting at Lilyvale ❊ D&D5e One Shot - Signup thread


Hewooo there owo

Merc heeere uwu

So I’ve been thinking in DMing for you guys for a while, however my will to prepare a proper campaign is 0. So I have decided to maybe take on Phandelver, but I went way further on diminishing it and what we ended at was an one-shot :’^}

In the village of Lilyvale, goatherds, miners, and small business owners eke out a living on the banks of an dried-up river. Business was already slow, but recently a string of unexplained paranormal phenomena have led to widespread panic. At a loss and facing the prospect of even more people deserting the village, the town council decided to hire outside help. The town scraped together enough money to attract big-city adventurers and sent notices to the larger cities in the region, and one such notice reached the PCs’ party. Their task is to discover the source of the strange phenomena and put an end to them.

We have some conditions, though.

In the reviews for this one shot, a person commented that it was way too long for an one shot and that they couldn’t finish it in 6 hours. So as we are playing by forum, we are not rushing this and can calmly complete the one shot even if it takes a month.

The original one shot was planned for 4 players, however as we are playing online I can conceive more players than that. Just have in mind that the more characters we have in a battle, the longer it will get. Also, balancing encounters is kind of easy with virtual calculators.

As for battles, I don’t see why rush them as this is a campaign with a predetermined duration, so I’m personally fine in waiting everyone’s timezones. But if it becomes a concern to the players I will first merge two people in the same turn and then do the player turn/monster turn thing. Ye, forum D&D often sacrifices initiative to keep the game running.

And before anyone asks if they can create a kenku barbarian, the answer is here:
If you want to take some homebrew just ask me.
Stats are by rolling 4d6 and removing the worst die. One-line backstories are okay, this is just an one-shot after all.
Most things (even from Eberron and Ravnica) are there, however I removed some redudant ones/ones that don’t fit (there are at least 3 urchin backgrounds, I promise).
You all are level 2 characters.

Typing down there who showed interest yesterday:

No current date for it to start but probably this week or the next one




We will need some willpower here.


I’ll in if only a few people join


Trying to get the other person and see if this works for them. Bear with me :slight_smile:


Id be down. prob run a kenku (to match my name) or loxodon because I love me some elephants and they were recently added.


Personal experience with kenkus:
The most fun it is to use the mimicry trait, the most work it will be


Never played D&D before


So we’re with Math and Birb rn?


Put me in

Merc rn

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Interest =/= ability

Got 12 hour work days starting tomorrow


Y-you said in, devil



When it was some abstract future game that may or may not exist

Not one starting right when I do


The Haunting at Schrodinger


/out unless you can do this weekend
I have finals next week


Oh it’s something that takes place over a longer period. Eh why not
Note: I’ll be playing a monk.


So we have Math, Dat, Reapo and Max


I am in but they are not. Seems to be a scheduling conflict. I hope to get them in for the next one :slight_smile:

I will be whatever class we need for party balance :slight_smile:



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