The Gunslinger Neutral Killer

Passive 1: Skilled fighter | Death immune.
Passive 2: Just a flesh wound | Bleed immune.

Day 1: Stick Em Up (one use) | Target will not be able to use Day or Night abilities for one night and the target will be unable to vote.
Day 2: Warning Shot (two uses) | Causes target player to bleed, also causes target player to become unable to vote for the day.

Night 1: Deadly Aim (inf uses) | Kill someone if they are death immune you occupy them and your attack gains Death Immunity bypass the next night.
Night 2: Sentry (2 uses) | keep watch over a player; bleed and occupy all players who visits your target. The Gunslinger becomes occupy immune on the night that they use this ability.

What do you guys think? Ill take feedback and post revised versions! Lets hope that Imperium42 sees this!


its a cool class
i think having a choice for which side you want to be on when the game starts would be good


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If it rolls BD it is extremely confirmable since the true gunslinger would cc even if an assassin fakeclaimed as the number of slots for a gunslinger roll is predetermined
If it rolls scum it doesn’t have any help to fakeclaiming
Also conversion immunity is bs


Tfw the NK know’s they have a gunslinger

Prince is convert Immune

Because a scum prince wouldn’t work.

Neither did scum Merc

You wanna know a meta for Town Of Salem?

Prince is supposed to be a powerhouse. Prince is convert immune because he is OP.

It did, actually.

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gunslinger will immediately get lynched when he gets found and isnt bd

This isn’t the problem honestly since it happens with every evil class.

I’ve taken into account all of the feedback, and I have tweaked it to make it become a NK

Just say immune to death and bleeding.

While it’s not a problem for an NK to be able to bypass DI it shouldn’t be the main ability

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oh yeah forgot to edit that

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