The Guardian (A.K.A. Reverse Pretender)

So I’ve already posted this on the discord, but imma post it here cause why not. Basically I tried to think up what a reverse Pretender would look like, and this is what I came up with. Enjoy!

The Guardian
Neutral Support (Unique and Convert Immune)

Miscommunication (Passive) - The King will not see any whispers that you send to them, but everyone else will see that you whispered to King whenever you attempt to whisper to the King.
Determined (Passive) - You are death immune until you are attacked once.
Royal Stalking (Day) - Stalk the King, figuring who he uses his night abilities on tonight. - 3 Uses
Swap Out (Night) - Swap places with the King without anyone noticing, secretly redirecting everyone visiting you tonight to the King and everyone visiting the King to you tonight. - Infinite Uses
Dirty Business (Night) - Check a player to see if they are able to attack anyone, and if they are, kill them. - 2 Uses
Last Cause (Special) - Kill yourself tonight (Unhealable), the King will be unable to die in any way tonight. - 1 Use

Win Condition:
Make sure that the starting King survives at all costs, even if it means you die in the process.

Note 1 - Secretly redirecting people means that the person being redirected will not see the redirect message that you would usually get if someone tried to redirect you, but they will still be redirected. If they are occupy immune however, it will not work, but they will not get a “Someone tried to redirect you” message.

Note 2 - Invests that are redirected to the King from Swap Out will get a message saying that “1 is the King.” Yes this potentially confirms Guardian in game, but it’s a rare situation I would say, and we had a small debate on Discord on whether confirming Guardian is a good idea

Note 3 - Last Cause is a special ability, just like Suicide for Mastermind, Assassin and CL, which means that it can be used during the day or the night, and can be retracted, and you will still be able to preform a night action that night you use the ability.

Note 4 - Dirty Business will automatically attack anyone who can kill, which includes Butler, Inquisitor, Knight, Chronomancer, Hunter, Mastermind (Suicide is technically an attack) you get the point. LITERALLY ANYONE WHO CAN ATTACK.

Note 5 - The Guardian must make sure the OG King survives, which pretty much means that OG King also has to win in order for the game to end. The King’s alignment and win condition will also not change, which means that there is a 33% chance for the Guardian to have to help evils due to Evil King.

Note 6 - If Possessor possesses King and the Possessor stays in the King for some reason for the rest of the game and Possessor wins, Guardian will also win because technically OG King survived.

Anyways, I’ll probably add more notes if anything else is not clarified.

This is a hard no.

The King’s alignment is already a fairly swingy influence on the game’s outcome. We don’t need to amplify how the King’s rand influences the game by adding a second player who’s aligned with the starting King.

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People are already aligned with starting king.

always use this d4