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The General FM Strategic Discussion Thread


A bit off-topic, but playing off-site works well to make you less dependent on site meta.


There’s like 5 pairs of us on the MU community hydra event


Honestly I haven’t played on ToS or MU in a while and their bases are much bigger so I can tell you about certain people but not overall

Just do it tbh, very worth it


On average when compared to this site. I don’t want to do poorly in a match in either website as I’d find that thoughtless towards other players.


If you want I can hydra with you on the hydra event. Just an offer.


Oh wait the hydra event’s signups are closed nvm
I need to play more on MU anyway.


You’d be more than fine lmao


Like, you’ll probably never be the best player in a game, but you’ll be far from the worst too


Remember: lolreactiontest


is lollolreactiontestreactiontest a thing? Kind of like inception type move