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The General FM Strategic Discussion Thread

  1. Don’t do what I do lol


New phone who dis


No u




I know :stuck_out_tongue:






What does “bus PKR for towncred” mean?


It’s a joke.


Half the infomation in this thread is memes right now, which we have the cookie thread for


Which i spammed with Smash memes :wink:


Is there any good newbie guide then?


Yes and no


Hold on


  1. Gamble hard like Eevee.




For real though


Blame the host by saying it is an unbalanced game when you lose?


I’ve been thinking of breaching out to other sites as a means to widen my experience in FM, though since you have more experience playing FM in general could do you me a favor?

Could you compare the level of both my village play and my wolf play to the average level of play of both alignments on other FM sites you also use? I’m mostly interested in MU and ToS as of now and can you use this site as a baseline?

If anyone else also plays off-site the same feedback would be fantastic.