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The General FM Strategic Discussion Thread


Catching/Being a wolf is important.

But how?

This is a thread to discuss how to become better at the game, including me (lol)


Be active and shit. (Advice of the century.)



  • Motivation is key. Force yourself to set ambitious goals, and the game will naturally become more fun and exciting for you.
  • Stop depending on luck and individual efforts being enough to carry your team. This is a team game, play it as such.
  • The game of mafia is designed in such a way that it allows mafia teams to potentially win just by sitting on their hands and being fortunate enough that the town self-destructs. Increase your chances of winning further by actively provoking this self-destruction to happen.
  • Follow the six principles of power wolfing: 1) Remember that you are mafia, 2) stop bussing, 3) drive the agenda, 4) start strong, 5) be creative, and 6) never give up.
  • Overall, just fight as hard as you can to hold on to your two strongest advantages: Your strength in (united) numbers and the town lacking information.

stealing info

  1. As Village, never let your emotions overcome you as it usually ends up with being mislynched and potential chaos.
  2. Always out yourself as Cop for no reason.


Start memeing


don’t forget to offer to do an Adele cover if you win
that’s the most important part of all


Performance enhancing drugs songs.


Other things to note from personal experience is that while gut feelings aren’t enough to base a whole read on (they usually boil down to tone, though) you should listen to your gut if the push you’re making feels wrong.


Oh and if Eevee DMs you after a game to give advice; TAKE IT

  1. As Village, question every sentence if they seem not clear enough for you in that way, you will receive additional information that may determine if player is Village or not.
  2. Always form a Village Core / Townbloc, especially if in game is player named Icibalus.


Don’t do a rage fueled rant as a defense on why you’re Town


I feel like I’m being targeted.


Actually there are points where questions go to far. If the gamethread is a wall of questions then nothing ever gets done.

Instead of always asking somebody to clarify their reasoning, you should instead try and mix it up with questions that seem to imply that “you’re on to them”


By asking questions other than “give us a readslist” and “name your top 3 wolves” and instead asking questions that genuinely force a wolf to fake village motivation but come naturally.

I can’t give specific examples because it varies from person to person (and I suck at them) but if you can find questions that WORK then it can be great.


Speaking of readslists, have I mentioned that readslists are bad?


Certainly. Clarifying reasoning is always good for Village is it helps others to recognize them as Villager.

Just do not ask generic questions unless you REALLY have to. Which is why paying attention is always important so it wouldn’t end with misundertanding.
Like if person is active but their posts aren’t providing any content it usually means they’re Wolf.


He does that?


it’s a mysterious priviledge only given to a few :^|

  1. As Wolf, always pay attention what people said as sometimes in games with power roles, they may give signal to Villagers.
  2. If you want to know how to flawlessly throw people under the bus, send a private message to player named Marluxion.