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The game lag at second game



I have a performance issue, the first game is normal, but at the second game I get like 5 FPS. I have to restart the game every new game to avoid this problem. I play in windowed on intel + nvidia laptop, nvidia used forced.

Best regards.


Were you able to play longer in the past?


Yes, that a new bug I saw since I come back on my laptop. I can reproduce 100% every, at second game.


Might be related to windows 10 update issues again.

See if any of these fixes your problem:


I tried and nothing change. this is the only game with this kind of issue :confused: anything else I can do?


Delete and redownload


same this, now lagging.

Another information about this bug is the game in trial the game use 15% :

the second game, it use 75% …

there is definitely a bug somewhere :confused:
best regards.


@Dev-Xblade Should have a look just in case.