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The Future of Throne of Lies


My unpopular opinion is: I don’t want things simplified.

Mind Warp making you think occ immune etc was so fun to use.

Anyway, I’m just a lowly player so my opinion doesn’t really matter lol


That opinion is not unpopular


Honestly I care more about things being consistent compared to being simple. Interactions having Emergent properties is always fun


Hey, I also don’t want things simplified if I go purely by what I’d find fun.
And I also think that Mind Warp is probably one of the worst things to simplify.
But some simplification is probably needed to retain players in the first place, while oversimplification should be avoided to keep players later.


For other things though. Lets say you have the unhealable effect end up like this:

A: Negate healing effects on the target
B: Attack the target
C: Target dies if nothing stops the Kill

That would be more clear than what we have now AND has interesting side effects.

For example a physician heals a MM being RE’d the night sorc detonates the MM. The MM dies because he is unhealable and the bomb bypassed night immunity. Stuff like that where mechanics mix and match when used at the same time in order to create otherwise impossible outcomes



The mention of the tiniest change makes everyone lose their minds.

You guys have no context for the change to Mind Warp.

You act like that is the only thing that Armae is planning on changing.

Keep Mind Warp the way it is