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The Future of Throne of Lies


You got it, dude!


you shouldn’t be
it’s not that hard to put 2 and 2 together :wink:


is 2 and 2 5


no 2 and 2 = 22


I see


No 2+2=Fish


Trust me, I’m a cat I know all about fish.


but since when do you know all about math?


Since it involved fish


but it STILL doesn’t involve fish


2+2=Fish it does


The Fool is one of my favs - dev veto.


the joke

  a fucking dev’s head

seriously who ever uses the “or riot” term seriously


xblade may have entirely missed the joke lul


May have? :stuck_out_tongue:


More like DODGED the joke


I kinda don’t get to joke honestly.


Fool is fine in ToL but not in FoL or any forum game /end


Welcome, Armae!

I like how you want to make mechanics clearer, the glossary thing and to simplify aspects.

I dislike, however, this intended Mind Warp rework.

Illusionist is one of the hardest weights of an Unseen class. Even if it is converted n1, Mystic very likely had a link, that can confirm there is a Mystic on game. If no one is linked, they know of the convert; if Mystic outed, but no more links, they know explictly who is the Illusionist. The class is on clock the time it is converted and needs to do stuff quickly, being Mind Warp her best tool to assist scum. If anything, she needs a rework on the second Night Ability, not the first.

A nerf on Mind Warp does not feel like the best move right now.


Henlo new dev! I hope you do your job well!