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The Future of Throne of Lies


Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone!


Of course. How could we not cheer on anyone with a pixel maid PFP?


Nuclear and Kitten went off-topic big time.



That’s why



@NuclearBurrito make a thread so we can discuss.

also how is this off topic


Discuss on the thread I linked here. I posted it for a reason


You two took over the thread to talk about making a new class.


But the part about mind warp that I like is that it’s less niche than frame. Just change frame to a AoE mind warp instead. And why does mind warp need a nerf?

Why is that a bad thing?

I do like the idea of simplifying things for newer players though. Just don’t nerf mind warp. It isn’t meant to be a frame.

Keep fool,it is fine


you just made an enemy with orange


The joke

        Your head

wait wtf

What's wrong?



Here’s how to make an enemy of Orange:


I Love Machosist

         i did it on mobile and i don’t know how


You pressed space too much


Welcome Armae, I do wish you the best of luck.

I do like your ideas on simplifying things down, dealing with overlap etc…

I do have one question on the greatest balance issue of all in this game though…

Actually amazed orange didn’t beat me to it… Can you please tell me if, and how long it will be to re-kill allies on good king… We thought that monster was finally slaughtered, then boslof dropped it on you (conspiracy theory I mentioned before, I think he intentionally broke it so you’d look like the hero in fixing it again, or maybe he was evil and wanted to make you look bad by bringing back the controversial change of which all the casuals think BD can’t win without and all the hardcores think it ruins the game.).

         screw you i press my spacebar how many times i like


You should’ve said no u



please god yes



Is that a masochist that also can’t be protected by attacks on them?

Hello, new developer!

I’m sure you’ll grow to get frustrated at us soon enough, but for the calm before the storm (so to speak), welcome, and I hope you can continue on Ellie’s tireless work of making what you and the team feel are the best decisions for the game going forward!