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The Future of Throne of Lies


There’s a big test that you must pass to be accepted.

Will squire be a class.

the crowd watches patiently


The answer to this question will determine your standing in the community, Armae. Choose wisely.


The Squire is never going to be a thing.


Big oof.


Ellie just took your bullet, Armae.
Count your blessings.
(I don’t actually care about squire I’m just joking)
(But seriously someone here will probably assassinate you)


Stop bullying the new devs -_-

Welcome and good luck, Ellie and Armae! People here on community (especially forum) will be brash and annoying at times but don’t let that discourage you. Well wishes!


But yeah.
Welcome! :+1:

Don’t worry, Memesky left. They’ll be fine!
(I’ll stop being annoying for Armae now. Don’t worry.)


Also that pixel art maid PFP
:ok_hand: Quality.
You have my respect.
I’ll be quiet now.
Sorry for annoying you.
(Ellie is Bos, Dama.)


I somehow get the feeling that we’re gonna talk a lot lol

Welcome, glad to have you on board! :slight_smile:


Wait hold up Boslof changed their name to Ellie?

Are they a girl? I had no idea lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Read the thread the answer is there




Delete Fool or riot

Yeah totally


Ah makes sense


Anyways I guess I’ll be updating my megathread and stuff soon

@Dev-Armae would you prefer it in forum post format, MLA format, or research paper format?



No u


It is confusing (To me and others, not everyone) I’m not trying to be offensive and I was only telling them to clear things up


Well anyways nice to meet you and good luck!


Anyway being on topic, I really like the idea of making it more friendly to newer players

Also need to keep in mind some players can really annoy newbies by saying mean things and unnecessary reactions to mistakes


Already liking the direction this is heading in.


Ye. Mindwarp is a single mechanic. There are so many more situations where this kind of design helps far more than it hurts.