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The Future of Throne of Lies


Hi everyone! :wave:

Some of you might have seen me around on the discord. I’m the new developer that is going to be in charge of balancing going forward. I figured I could write something up to give people an idea of what I have planned.

I think the biggest problem for ToL is that there are too many different mechanics. Some overlap with each other, while some are rarely used. This means that newer players have a hard time learning the game. An example would be Mind Warp, it overlaps with framing abilities but also does a little bit more.

My plan is to try to simplify aspects of ToL without eliminating the things that make it unique.

Let’s look at Mind Warp again. A way to simplify it would be for it to just frame anyone the target player investigates. This would eliminate the need for newer players to be aware that Mind Warp can make it seem like a player you occupied was immune.

This will also include rewording abilities so they have more overlapping keywords. @Dev-Ellie is working on an ingame glossary that will contain information about major mechanics. She informed me that it’s possible to have the keywords be links, so that if you click on them in chat it would bring up the glossary. I think this would be a great way help to new players!

Sorry this post is a mess but that’s the general idea. :bowing_woman:


Thank god. I’m sure it’s confusing even for an experienced player to remember “does wolf get partied” or “can I defend a delay”

lowkey hoping you change sheriff and paladin to be in both games


Oh boy, I remember first days. I got exed as Princess due to wrong results cause I didn’t spend an hour memorizing it and what classes are it


I wish you, who has taken on the mantle of this stressful job called balancing, the will to keep going on even if the players are a little more rowdy than you might like.

Where’s orange and his fool out posts?


I like this new dev already


This would also nerf mind warp though? :confused:


We could always buff the classes in other ways


I’m just hoping for a scythe probe icon, my heart was broken last 2 times


Yeah Mind warp is in no way a frame. It is very much it’s own mechanic with unique utility


Simplifying the specific interactions is in general a good thing. There are a lot of inconsistency’s which would be good if fixed (visiting mechanics and unhealability for example). But mind warp is not an example of that given that it’s a mix of frame and tailor, not just frame.




Welcome though! I hope you’ll be able to filter out the true constructive criticism through the sludge that is our incessant feedback/opinions. :slight_smile:


Wait, Boslof transformed into Ellie :thinking:


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I think she’s trans
(sorry if I got this wrong)


Gender confusion again :eyes:


Don’t worry people’s genders can get confusing.


Not really that hard and this isn’t really on-topic.


Hoi Bos :stuck_out_tongue:


HER* name is ellie now smh my head

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yes thanks luxx