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The forum's new, default theme is DARK! 🦇


The community has spoken! We’ve stepped into the shadows and will now brainwash everyone to embrace it. This, however, only affects NEW registrants.

(Who enjoys light themes in 2018, anyway? Jk – about 38% apparently do!)

You can optionally RE-ENABLE light theme via the top-right hamburger (…but you shouldn’t):


^ To the left of LIGHT, you can also choose DARK, if you’ve been missing out!


Thank you father


To be fair i didn’t see anyone said they liked light-theme.


I like and use light-theme, it’s way nicer and more open.




Well needed :wink:


rainbow theme when?



Unsubscribed and left a negative review already on the game!!111!



Light user checking in. I Swear Fealty to the light. My Mind is Clear.


Ah yes, the shadows takes hold of all who newly enter~


So that’s why the theme was dark all of a sudden


Noooooo!!! :frowning:
Welp, I didn’t realise that poll but it seems you dark themers have won for now.
I’m going to spearhead the rebellion though.

Pros and cons:
Dark theme is perfect for posting during night so it doesn’t blind others
Light theme wakes you up quicker


Ew gross


There are plenty of people in this thread so far who do so ok lol


Lul but most people don’t like it


I liked the light theme but I also like this new dark theme


It isn’t new tho


well it was newly forced upon me without my permission


That’s not my problem :wink:


I am a Light Themer