The Forums and its Categories!

These Forums are a lovely place and full of interesting things!

Class ideas, Forum games, Deathnotes etc. The one thing I’ve noticed is misplacement for a lot of threads! We won’t warn anybody for posting in the wrong area, but if it becomes a regular occurrence where we have to move a lot of your threads, then we’ll kindly ask you to stop making threads for a while.

I’ll breakdown our forums into the more known categories.


The General section is for your average Throne of Lies talk, got a funny game to tell? Wanna talk about how much you enjoy a class? This is where you do it.


You got a funky new Class idea? Or perhaps want to help tell a story about a class using Lore. This is where you’ll do it.


Have an idea for the game and want to share it with everybody, this exists and is where you should be posting any Feedback or Suggestions regarding Throne of Lies! We also just bumped it up from the bottom of our forum!

Deathnote+Journal Gallery

Saw a funny looking deathnote? Maybe you read someone’s Journal and just had to share it. Post them here!

Bug Reports

Been in a buggy situation and need it fixed, make sure you post about it here with your ingame logs! (You can actually get a more speedy response on the discord, but this works too)

Forum Matches

Wanna jump into Forum of Lies and want to play a game that takes up almost a week of your time, this is the place!

Off Topic

Sick of the ToL talk and wanna talk about your day at school or work? Do it here!


Maybe we should make Classes and Lore sepetate sections?

Also Roleplay is freaking dead

Maybe a section for Memes, they’re starting to leak into General.

Memes is clearly off topic