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The Flood (Scrapped)


Then she is weird, since I’m offering knowledge and protection wich probably noone else can in this game.

I don’t want to leak it publicly tho.


I literally cant move this phase nor the Day phase


@Margaret you literaly know all 4 of my actions and still think I want to kill you?

Like… really?


Its not that I think you want to kill me

Its cuz in the case of an unfortunate disaster, I have info that I only want given to specific people


Same tho.

That’s why I want to be on floor with you.


Celeste, who do you want to be with you on the next day?


No one or two others. Marl would definitely be one of them as I semitrust and eevee otherwise

If no one, I know I can protect myself as the spirits can scout danger for me and I could look for raft parts as well


And in the case of eevee, I can always talk to him in midnight by using an action


Omfg, do it.


I am out of actions


… uhhh…


Could could technically have a conversation between me and eevee but he would also be apart of it


*Damn autocorrect, Merc could


Yeah, that’s the problem.
I don’t think I wasted my second night action, but leaving it to Merc could of been better choice after all.

Did you get anything from it btw?


Your assist? That got wasted


Second one.


I dont believe I got a notif for a second


Ping Boopy for this, cause you should of.


Tho @Margaret once again - rethink if you want 3 players in the chat or just us 2.

It is incredibly MORE dangerous the more players are there.


Could we have daychat of us 2 and then Marl joining our floor at night?