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The Flood (Scrapped)


So what should I do?


Eat egg


Okay. I found a locked chest so Ill try to fjnd it next time


Eat chest


It’s too big tho


Marl, you can’t just simply eat wood, you’ll get splinters


Eat Splinters


I really have a bad feeling about Marl eating the egg.


So what should I do?
I’m still on floor 2, and I haven’t done an action yet.


Grab some materials, I guess. We’ve not actually done that on this floor.


I mean of all people I should be the one you trust most rn, aint I?


I trust no one until I check them


… sigh.


I semitrust the three people who originally wanted to be checked


It’s more then wanting to be checked, even tho I was one of them, you know?



I mean, I still need to talk about something I couldn’t talk when you was muted.
Let’s add more to the pile.

I will share to you all the building and guest list information I have if we will be alone.


ok so sounds like you want me dead, ok got cha

I’ll get back to you… eventually.


Take hunter if you don’t trust me.
Actualy take hunter anyway.

Plus everyone will know it’s me if you die, cause you can’t change floors during day phase, and they can coem during a night or you can move.

I have more to offer than you think. But I do need to be alone with you.


@Margaret I’m serious here.


I don’t think she’s going to follow through that offer to be honest