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The Flood (Scrapped)


I mean, I guess there’s safety in numbers on floor 3 at least

That would leave Marl alone with a large crab mind you.



I’m requesting groups of 2 unless I’m in the group, in which case 3


Does he have both actions?


Who’s currently on floor 3?


I’m fine with that, and being part of your trio.


So if Met is dead, then it’s
2, 2, 2, 3?




Or 3 3 3.


Ngl this game is fucking thrilling


Unless you want me to be going solo and randomly appearing on floors to check people


Which do you think would be better?
All 3s or 3 groups of 2 and 1 group of 3?


The one I recommended


You’d be like the ticket inspector that hops on the bus on the one day I forget my buspass


Lol yep


I’m trying to theory this


9 of us left, right?

So in theory if we go 1 (Marg), 2, 3, 3, this should work


On the principle that there may still be untrustworthies about, and I’m thinking a maximum of 2 at this point, with Marg acting as trusted cop this would work 100% of the time


I’ve been waiting to implement this strategy since I first saw it in a TedEd Riddle




I did, didn’t find it