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The Flood (Scrapped)


Marl I really don’t think this will end well.


I’m grabbing an actual weapon.

Knowing combat is turn-based is a really big deal.


Well yeah fair point.
Is there an actual weapon in the room?


Just so you know, any combat related abilities after initial combat is free

So using blunt weapons is actually better than stabby stabby


What would happen if Marl chucked the egg at the crab?


Uh, kind of a thing here


Also, if anyone tries to steal my stuff, you get death


I found an explosive. I don’t know how to detonate it.


Oh boy.
Well that oughta do it.
How about we all leave BEFORE you use the mysterious explosive?


Yeah shanking it or causing a fire would do it


It’s tempting to get Marl and myself out of there and bung it in the crab’s claw

That’s probably suicidal though


Wha-why not me?
I’m still in the room, I’m not leaving yet.
Should I leave?


Okay, I auto-drank my vodka. That’s really good news.




I forgot you were still in. I don’t have actions left.


Should I drag you out?


I mean, to where?


Who wants to form an alliance with the main protagonist :umu:


Floor 3?


I don’t mind being checked, certainly.