The Farmer [Blue Dragon Special]

The Farmer

Blue Dragon Special

Grapevine (Day) - Plant a vine by a player, uprooting any you already planted. Each night it will extend its tendrils from the previous player to the next player they visit.

Hot Potato (Day) - Toss a freshly boiled potato to someone. It will be transferred to the next player they visit.

Harvest (Passive) - Test your grapes for sweetness each night. If they are bitter than you know someone along the vine contaminated them, and must be evil.

Explode (Night) - Kill whoever is holding your potato.

grapevine allows for checking multiple players simultaneously in case any get converted, but the more players you check the harder it is to narrow down which one exactly is evil

Hi there. I’d like to say. BD ring up and said THIS IS A BAD IDEA.

So what your saying is… Uproot is basically a ability that leads into this?

ya explode is a bad idea i agree

grapvine: x visits y, now x and y are on the vine. y visits z, now x/y/z are all on the vine

harvest: tells you if anyone on the vine is evil, but won’t specify who

also you don’t know who’s on the vine, you gotta figure out

Sounds more of a sheriff thing.

Define evil.

Anyways, what’s the cult convert for this?