The Exclusivity Experiment

Welcome to the Exclusivity Experiment

The rules are simple:

  • You cannot post
    • mods can still post for mod stuff, but should otherwise refrain from posting unless they are also a member
  • You can post, but only if you are a member.
  • I start as a member
  • It is encouraged for new members to post once to introduce themselves to the club, and to ping me so that i might add them to the list
  • Every new member may add an additional rule
    • If 24 hours go by without a new member, a random member will be chosen to add a new rule, and may be punished.
  • You cannot submit a rule that targets other members subjectively. all rules must affect all members or all prospective new members
  • It must always be possible to become a member If you would make a rule such that this would no longer be possible, an other random member may make a rule instead. In non-objective cases, the Experiment Admin will make the decision
  • I may modify this initial rule set later

As the first member, the first rule is: In order to become a member, like every post already in the thread before your introduction post, as of the start of the experiment

List of Rules
  1. Like every post in the Experiment to become a member
  2. Prospective members must compose a sonnet about FM in some form (FoL/SFoL/Miscs/VFM/etc) member Arete will be the judge on if the pass or not, or if they are not present the Experiment Admin will take the role as a secondary judge

List of Members:

  1. Simon
  2. Arete
Archived List of Members
  1. Simon
  2. Orange

@Simon hi, I’m a new member!

My new rule is that anyone who has liked every post in the thread may not become a member.

Sucks for them

I’m the only one allowed to have a like-farming thread

but its not a like-farming thread if they have no reason to like


like now we’re stuck here for the rest of today


That was intentional

i might make a rule against intentional rule-canceling. hm.

Gonna need to wait 24 hours

oh i do, do i?


Because otherwise it defeats the purpose

1 means me, 2 means you

@discobot roll 1d2

:game_die: 2

1 Like

New rule

No members may have a name that starts with the letter “s”, any existing members whose usernames start with the letter “s” will be removed

Exclusivity achieved

I think that means I win the experiment

but why though.
like, why do this