The Emoji Movie

(Okay it’s a joke)
Rules: Tell a story only using emojis or keyboard emojis.
:man: :gun: :girl: :moneybag:
Than someone else has to guess what it tells. My example tells how the girl robbed the man at gunpoint.
Htm’s Movie - Bully teasing kid.
Magnus’s Movie - Kid crashes into a postlamp and hurts his head.
Firekitten’s Movie - Pearl Harbor attack.
OrangeAndBlack’s Movie - Rude Finger.
James’s Movie - Blind man finds diamond and gets rich.
Magnus’s Second Movie - Harold Shipman.
Htm’s Second Movie - Copy of Magnus’s Second Movie.
Magnus’s Third Movie - Man winking at a dancing woman.

What did you think when you saw the title lol?

:smile: :arrow_right: :sob:

Bully teasing a kid?

Yeah basically

(I’m so uncreative with emojis lol).

:postbox: :kick_scooter: :boy:t3:

Someone was on a scooter to get mail

Then he fell on the sidewalk and injured his head so he cried?

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He crashed

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The mailman injured himself

Yeah, a little kid is a mailman.

Oh so the newspaper kid injured himself



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Guess my story

The airplane threw out a bomb on a ship.

I updated my story to give you a bigger chance of guessing it

Strike 1:Too Vague

This is a specific event in history

Enola Gay?

Strike 2:Wrong

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Strike3:Mind reading and I saw you had the wrong answer

Eh What?