The Dragonborn (Neutral Special, Kill one of the main factions)

Not the best. But not the worst.
Yes I feel like a nk team neut would help

Yes I know. My suggestions are shit.

It says ‘or’ in the wincon, which means it could side with either side as long as it kills the other

Well played. Ill keep that XD

I’m confused. That just means it’s a survivor?

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Except I don’t know if the move set is actually good for this neut.

not really…

It has to survive and either the BD or Cult/Unseen have to be destroyed. The latter always happens, so it’s just a survivor…?

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It kinda is just a NK in some ways, not really fitting in to any one goal
I’m not sure what’s wrong with it…but I know there’s something

I kinda tried to make it survive with nk only. But blame @Geyde for changing that

Is it the fact it can kill itself?

I’m sorry, but it’s horrible as a true survivor as it’s immensely BD-sided. It’s confirmable, powerful and hard to get rid of.

It’s like a stronger Alchemist.

its why I tried to make it NK only

If you want it to be NK only you can change the ‘or’ to an ‘and’.

Though at that point it’s just a moderately less powerful NK.

if I really wanted to make it a nk. I would have done it. But Intended it to be actually a neut that has to side NK to win.

I think a wincondition like that just fundamentally can’t work regardless of what kit you give it, because it requires you to rely on one other player not screwing up. You’re going to be completely dependent on the NK not being horrible. That’s a bit outside of the sphere of influence you can have and very anti fun to lose due to that.

Unless it would become the NK upon the NK dying. However that is extremely powerful and just exacerbates the balance problem that giving NK a straightup ally already brings.

Sorry to rain on your parade. I like the flavor and classcard graphic.


How do you even make the class card graphic? I wana do that!

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I think they put the template in #classes-lore-fanfic

Ok but I don’t have photoshop. Is it possible to do it with free software?

I am unsure