The Dominator - Neutral Killer

The Dominator - Neutral Killer(Unique)


Protect me! - When attacked,The player who got Controlled will die for Dominator instead.(If the Controlled player has death immune,it still works like usual and got death immune result.)
(Day ability)

Allure(2 Charges) - Make the Controlled player vote for target player.(Will also follow your vote at trial)

Force Sucide(2 Charges) - Abandon the Controlled player and attack him.Can also maked the Controlled player’s class appear as what Dominator chooses(Bypass death immunity,Occupy,Imprison,Redirect)(Can also do Mind Control after so)(Cannot be healed)

(Night ability)

Mind Control(Infinite Charges) - Control a player,Will trigger Knight protect ability.

Lost Souls(Infinite Charges) - Make the Controlled player Attack 1 Target.

Goal:Kill all of the BD and Unseen/Cult

Controlled player can’t talk,vote and access log or death log.(Can still use day/night ability)When Dominator died,this perk will get disabled.Also,Dominator can talk as that player at day.But can’t vote as him.(Need to use Allure.).Can also hear whisper to the ControlledPlayer.When the Controlled player is imprisoned,Dominator Can’t use his ability that night(Can also have ONLY 1 Controlled player.)

Edit 1.1 - Buffed Force Sucide.

This class is NOT a possessor rework.

At least i think so,

This is an underpowered Neutral killer

It’s too similar to posssssor and it’s worse then possessor.

so you’re saying that you get to choose someone to control and make them unable to do anything??? that’s boring as fuck dude

Just have them also be able to play as the class (probably with some restrictions like not getting a second kill through Assassin) and have the controlled player “die”, so they can move on in my opinion.