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The death note of a obscure alchemist


As you hear a clash of steel in a nearby room the court rushes over to aid there in the clear day light u see a figure with his dagger still in on of his hands

Well to all of you this is goodbye

Close 2 the body you find a death note:
You should have picked a side…


no i will just be gone for this forum for X month, years idk yet and i dont feel like canceling all project without a warning so yea goodbye.




This is hippo all over again


thanks for saying what we’re all thinking


Why is everyone leaving now? First Hippo, then Memesky, then Marcus, now you?

Who next, Fire Kitten is leaving?






I like the dramatic point on Memesky leaving


No u


I pick tracer


I’m already tracer


Captain America: Civil War

May 6th, 2016


But the third theme is so good…
Why be light or dark when there is a comprimise?

Although, in all seriousness see you around some time hopefully and good luck


what about widowmaker


for roughly 21 days i thought this was a death note thread