The Death Game |

Do /Join to play.
3 players per round.
Survivors can add new rules.
I am Death.

Round 1


  1. GamerPoke
  2. James
  3. Fireslol
    Location: Boxing Ring
    Winner: James
    Rule Added: If you’re bleeding at a dangerous speed, you will die in four moves unless cauterised.
Round 2


  1. Simon
  2. James
    Location: Dungeon
    Rule added:
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I’m accepting 2 or 3 players for Round 1.


or did I?


He’s a good man


Want to John?

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:left_speech_bubble: The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself. — Anais Nin


Ooooo Death.

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Game Starting.

Location Chosen - Boxing Ring, 7x7 meters.

Players start in the centre of the Boxing Ring. A chair is thrown onto the stage at North East.

/Run NorthEast and grab chair. this is a small arena.

Yeah, I don’t know boxing.

That’s just the arena. Last man standing.
Just punch Poke or something.

/uppercut Gamerpoke

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Oh wait.
We should’ve runaway.

/keep punching Gamerpoke.

You can only perform one action at a time.

Oh okay.
Just gonna wait for you to process my uppercut.