The Crown's new head (The Path from Crazy to psychopathic)

This story is about [Someone] who became the [alligned] king.

Day 1

These fools elected me. Over their Prince. Although it does make sense. I claimed to be a Princess from a far away land. In a sense I am. But I do not bring good fortune or success. This castle will crumble.

Day 4

The court was more lively than ever today. Firstly, after lifting the bans of leaving the castle without express permission from me, (I had gotten tired of these dragonlings and their speech) we had gotten more court members. I had each and every one checked. Anyone who didn’t fit my code would be executed. However, I had received a telepathic message last night from my apprentice. They said they will arrive one week from now, but someone in red follows them. I pondered on why they didn’t simply rid of them. No matter. I have a court to control.

We could not find any new papers… yet.

Look for more papers.

You look for more. You come up short as they literally don’t exist yet.

forge documents

There is nothing to forge

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do it anyway

I an attempt to forge documents, you accidentally break your hands

Stone skin

As in, they broke off

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Duct tape them back on.

You and what fingers

Your fingers.

so it’s the pretender king