The Court Jester (Unknown Social)

The Kings of Adiart like executions and tomfoolery. The Court Jesters usually gets mock executed for their enjoyment. Too bad this time it was an actual sword.

The Court Jester (Unknown Social)


Entertainment: If you are voted up for treason, you will be immediately executed. Depending on what faction you were aligned to, the Evils will either be hithered (Good), empowered (Evil), or the court will lose 2 days of voting (Neutral).

Tomfoolery: All votes for you during an election will be halved and whoever this role votes for will receive the half votes.

Day Abilities:

Entertain (3-1 uses): Prevent votes for treason on everyone except you for the rest of the day.

Mock Execution (BD only, 1 use): You will take the place of the accused if they are executed. If the accused was evil, you will have no affect on them

Juggling Act (Evil only, 2 uses): Distract a player for the rest of the day. They will be unable to talk, vote, or use abilities.

Trollbox (Neutral only, inf uses): Make it look like a player said something. They will not see the message.

Night Abilities:

Perform (2 uses): Occupy a player tonight. If you are evil and you target an evil class with this, you will not occupy them and they will be notified.

Socialize (BD only, 2 uses): Make a target player immune to the affects of framing for tonight.

Deceive (Neutral / Evil only, 2 uses): Make yourself appear framed tonight if you are Neutral. Make another player appear framed tonight if you are Evil.


As a Good Court Jester: Defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.
As an Evil Court Jester: Defeat the Blue Dragon, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.
As a Neutral Court Jester: Convince the court that you should be executed.


  • The Court Jester will always either take a Blue Dragon slot or a Neutral slot.

  • Like the starting Evil King, The Evil Court Jester does not know their fellow evils.

  • By “Hither” the evils, I mean they will appear evil that night, even if they are hidden by something that can make the Evils look not suspicious. The Evils also cannot take the benefits of anything that would help them from other people (If the Physician healed the Assassin that would die to a bleed, but the Good Court Jester was executed, the Assassin would die to the bleed.)

  • By “Empower” the evils, I mean they will appear as Blue Dragon members, and will be immune to the effects of framing. They will also secretly be occupy and redirect immune, as well as secretly death immune. Their abilities will always work as well (unless they somehow can’t, like the Mastermind trying to convert The Prince, or The Neutral Killer.)


This is like a fool.

That is where you’re wrong, bucko.


This is like Fool.

Why can’t you just say to court; I’m bd jester, lynch me?

@orangeandblack5 should be able to balance this better then me

On a serious note no


Just no.

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Because why would they listen to you? You might as well be the fool.

But it’s gamethrowing otherwise.

Isn’t this just like fool?

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Yah, it’s pretty bad design.

actually yes, but yes.