The Contract Merc (Neutral Special)

Passive 1 - Immune to occupation and redirection.

Passive 2 - If your target dies or gets executed. You will take the class of your target. Regardless if it’s a unseen or cult member (You will become the Mastermind or assassin before the lower ranked unseen member)

N1 - Stand guard. You and your target will get night immunity. All visitors will be redirected to you. (No bypass - 4 uses)

D1 - Mercenary Pressure. The court is forced to pardon your contract (1 use)

The Merc contract can’t be with:
Fool, Knight.

Special rules-
If assigned to Mastermind. You will become the Assassin or allied with the unseen and will wait until the assassin dies

Win con - Your target must survive. If he doesn’t then you must win as your targets win con.


Read again

Double Prince!

Four questions

Is this unique?
If this merc died but target still survive.Can the merc win?
Will there be notification if he did the merc pressure?
Can merc know what target’s class?

D1 - Mercenary Pressure. The court is forced to pardon your contract (1 use)

this was tried already but was too confirmable

Why, do you like seeing me pour bleech on my eyes?

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Contract merc takes on another contract merc which took on the OG contract merc

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Kinda yea

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Well yes. But actually no

Yes. If target survives endgame.

Unique. Oof.

Merc will not know.

Notification will not appear. Except if target was to be executed. If it’s a tie or pardon. Then the ability will not go through and the Merc loses the use.

Maybe. Need some rules regarding that