The Constable / The Saboteur [BD Investigative/Unseen Offensive]

The Constable

Blue Dragon Investigative

Private Investigation (Night) - Determine how many uses of limited-use abilities your target started with at the beginning of the night. Infinite use
Critical Eye (Night) - Determine whether your target used their first or second ability this night, along with whether they used any day abilities. 2 uses
Defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any Neutrals that seek to do you harm.

The Saboteur

Unseen Offensive

Among Allies (Passive) - If you are redirected to target a member of the Unseen, you will occupy yourself instead.
Sabotage (Night) - Prevent target player from using any Infinite use abilities. Infinite use
Steal (Night) - Drain 1 use from all of target player’s limited use abilities. 2 uses
Defeat the Blue Dragon, and any Neutrals that seek to do you harm.

I feel like this could be pretty hecking strong in some cases

In cult games especially, as every convert goes up to 5 and no BD class is that high except Hunter on the top of my head

If this only includes night abilities I think the number “4” on N1 is only on MM and Fool and “0” is confirmed to not be cultseen (as well as any number that isn’t 1 (assa) 3 (CL) or 5 (2nd cult)) and a “0” at any point of the game is probably not cultseen

but if this includes day abilities there’s probably some other cases where this ability is really good at confirming something.

So, any class without 0 is suspicious?

So explain Sorcerer to me again, how it works and whatnot

if you’re a sorc with a 0 check on you your claims are as follows: Chronomancer, Knight

in fact both of those classes are very common fakeclaims so being able to confirm one as being real is very strong

give me a moment while i compile a list

Chrono with 0 means that it has no PDs left

so day abilities are included?

okay, so your claim as a 0 checked sorcerer is as follows


an ability that forces people into very specific fakeclaims is strong

sorc gets forced into ONE BD class

So what do you want to suggest as a tweak?

Every class and what numbers it would return; with and without day abilities

Night abilities only, then night + day


Butler 2/3
Chronomancer 0/2
Court Wizard 3/6
Drunk 2/2
Hunter 7/9
Knight 0/0
Maid 3/3
Mystic 2/4
Noble 2/6
Observer 2/2
Paladin 2/2
Physician 2/6
Prince 3/3
Princess 2/2
Sheriff 3/3


Alcoholic 2/2
Aristocrat 2/6
Assassin 1/7
Duchess 2/2
Enforcer 5/5
Handmaiden 2/2
Herbalist 5/8
Illusionist 2/6
Mastermind 4/6
Marshal 2/5
Nightwatch 2/2
Poacher 6/6
Sage 2/2
Servant 2/2
Timesnatcher 4/4


Apostle 5/9
Cult Leader 3/6
Invoker 5/6
Ritualist 5/6
Seeker 5/6


Alchemist 2/5
Fool 4/4
Inquisitor 3/3
Mercenary ?/? (not sure how brilders would be handled here)
Possessor 2/5
Pretender 2/6
Reaper ?/? (not sure how souls would be handled here)
Scorned 2/4
Sellsword 0/0
Sorcerer 0/0

just making this for future reference

probably at least 1 error given i did 99% of this off of memory

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Souls and Brilders would count as 1 use for our purposes

Ho lee shiet

On second thought, this ability would probably be pretty confusing for newer players to work with

Some concerning numbers:

0: On N1, This can only be Knight, Sorcerer, or Sellsword, and beyond that is still very likely one of these 3.
5: On N1, a 5 can only be Possessor.
6: A 6 on N1 or N2 can really only be a Court Wizard (who might swap N1), Physician (who probably exhumes/inocs D2) Mastermind (who very likely doesn’t foresight N1, LB D2 might become meta) a Noble, or any cult that isn’t Apostle.
7: This can only be an Assassin, an Herbalist who has used one ability, or a Hunter who has used two.
8: Mechconfirmed Hunter, Herbalist, or Apostle lol
9: Mechconfirmed Hunter or Apostle lol

Like, literally any number above 4 is most likely not BD as well. And in a Cult game? This class becomes a Paladin essentially.

Although to be honest, I still think Maid/Observer would be stronger than this, but this class can find things N1 that only can be rivaled by an Observer

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Maid/Obs have more counterplay to their results

“I didn’t match the Prince because I’m a Drunk, and royals don’t match”
“Yes, I visited 7, I was checking him”
“ok so Scorned confirmed in game then”

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So what if it received one of 3 results:

“Your target has no uses of limited use abilities!”
“Your target has few (1-3) uses of limited use abilities!”
“Your target has many (4+) uses of limited use abilities!”

something along these lines would be better but now we’re looking at “how do we make this ability not suck”

How about instead of counting abilities left we instead count limited use abilities used and resolve it at the end of the night instead of the beginning?

That sounds like a better idea, actually.

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Any problems with Critical Eye?

It’s a bit redundant given the first ability.

You don’t strictly NEED to change it, but I’d recommend using a different ability anyways

This class mainly works to catch liars when they say they used specific abilities on some nights.