The Constable [Blue Dragon Investigative]

The Constable

Blue Dragon Investigative

Profile (Night) - Check if a player matches the profile of a selected scum class. You may only use each scum class once per game. Interface is similar to that of Defile and Facelift.

Profiling a player as Reaper will tell you either “Yes, they are Reaper” or “No, they are not Reaper.” Then you can’t profile anyone else as Reaper for the rest of the game.

This ability could also be considered as a replacement for Nosy Servants.

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So this class basically verifies claims.

The way it will be used in the current meta is that it will be used to check whether X matches up with their claim… This ability is too powerful imo

You can’t chose BD for your comparison tho

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Wait yeah nvm

Seems very UP

In that case the class is underpowered

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I’m sure we could make it work. But as proposed it would be outclassed by other investigatives.

or it could just replace nosy servants which is useless

Probably a better idea

Also just make it 3 use in general instead of once per class.

checking 3 people for reaper seems too strong no

Not really.

Both wisp and Window peek can check 2 people for it, the difference is that here you also need to know that you specifically need to find a REAPER instead of just a scum.

Also if you are checking 3 people for Reaper then you aren’t getting your matchmake results, which can often be used to a similar (although less reliable) effect.

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FK had this similar idea on handmaiden where it checked two players and would learn if one of them was the class they selected.

Good for Prince/Sheriff Fishing

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