The Community SFoL

So I’ll be doing a Community SFoL.
Where people can give their ideas of what they believe should be part of the regular FoL’s.
This isn’t just limited to custom roles, you may also do Role Buffs or Nerfs. (Maybe even a new scum faction who knows)

Chosen Blue Dragon Roles: TBA
Chosen Unseen Roles: TBA
Chosen Cult Roles: TBA
Chosen Neutral Roles: TBA

If your interested show an idea you have in this thread by either making it here or sending a link to it from another post.
Me and my Balance team will decide if the roles balanced or if he needs improvement, change or scrap yard.

Any role accepted by the Balance team will show above and be added to the Rolelist.

Currently I’m the only member on the balance team but feel free to PM me to ask to join the Community SFoL Balance Team.

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you should add these classes to it!

especially this one


12 town vanilla

best setup

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this is

alot like gi

but alas i have nks from a while back i might as well post

Suggestion 1, for the team

The Incendiary :shield: :crossed_swords:

Cult Special
Burning Presence (Passive) - Your presence brings the following effects, even after your death:

  • There will not be a king
  • There will be no neutrals
  • All Blue Dragon members will be a peasant, and have no abilities
  • All cult players will be The Incendiary
  • Only 1 cult member may act each night

Curse (Night) - Channel Mithras’s Power to curse a player - Infinite uses

Mithras’s Wrath (Night) - Kill all players who have been cursed. Can be used alongside Curse . - 3 uses (shared between all cult members)

Your objective is to have equal numbers or greater to those of the Blue Dragon

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what in tarnation

The Insurgent(Neutral Killing)

Flagbearer(Passive) : You are immune to Death at night, occupation and redirection. Only the first Insurgent is Death immune.

Blood and Glory(Day) : Bleed a player. They will die in two nights unless healed. - 1 use

Powerful Words(Day) : Pick a marked player. They will silently be voting a targeted unmarked player today. - 3 uses(shared)

Heated Iron(Night) : Attack a player, bypassing granted death immunity. - infinite uses

Rally(Night) : Mark a player. If you die to anything besides the Prince’s execute, they will become The Insurgent. This will only be successful if they are BD. They will be immune to conversion and appear to be The Insurgent while you are alive. If a single Insurgent uses both uses, the first marked player will become the next Insurgent, but the second player will lose their mark. - 2 uses(shared)

Kill all main factions

The Rebel(Neutral Offensive)

Gang Feuds(Passive) : The Sellsword will not spawn if you do.

Rebellion(Passive) : You are immune to occupation and redirection. Votes for you to become king count as two.

Flames(Day) : Ignite the lands. Target player will be occupied for the day - 1 use

Blooded Armor(Day) : Bleed a player. They will die in two nights unless healed. - 1 use

Propaganda(Night) : Choose a player and a class. They will appear as that class tonight. - infinite uses

Chaos(Night) : Redirect everybody targeting a player to yourself. - infinite uses

See the Blue Dragon defeated at any cost

made slightly different versions of these as tol classes

I accept the possiblity they arent good ideas
probably why i didnt continue making but w/e

@Geyde such a good man helping balance this



The Timesnatcher

Unseen Support
Rewind (Passive) - If you become an Assassin, pick an ability to refresh uses of.
Time Snatch (Night) - If your targeted player is bled tomorrow, they will not know about it until the next day. - 2 uses :crown:
Dark Dimension (Night) - Make the Unseen appear not suspicious to investigative abilities. - 2 uses
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

i dont have a reason
besides ts is a bit stronk i guess


it’s pretty egotistical to just suggest a class because it’s the same name as you

on a seperate note, you should add this class

The Marshal

Unseen Investigative
Stakeout (Day) - Determine one of the following this upcoming night - Infinite Uses

  • Who is Imprisoned by the Prince, and who is in private chats (if any)
  • How many players targeted members of the Unseen last night
  • How many neutrals are present in game

Probe (Night) - Learn a player’s class if they are a member of the Blue Dragon. You will learn who they visit if they are a member of the Blue Dragon - Infinite uses
Your objective is to Eliminate the Blue Dragon and any Neutrals who stand against you.


change this

The Knight

Blue Dragon Killer
Armored (Passive) - Your first successful use of Defend will not kill you, if the attacker doesn’t die to Defend.
Defend (Night) - You will guard the target player tonight, giving your life to kill their attacker(s). - Infinite uses :crown:
Cold Steel (Night) - Choose a player to attack. If you kill them and they are a member of the Blue Dragon, all of your abilities will be disabled for the rest of the game. - Infinite uses :crown:
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

to this


I’d need a BD equivalent.

your breathing rights have been revoked

you’re breathers writes has ben unvoked

Keep in mind to try and take this to a serious level as this isn’t the thread for joke roles.
That’s what Grand Idea is for.


Then why are you in this thread