The Commander/The General [Class Suggestion]

The Commander

Blue Dragon Killer
Passive: Demotion - If you Kill a Blue Dragon member then both of your night abilities will be disabled for the rest of the game.

Day Ability: Challenge - If target player attacks someone tonight they will be redirected to you (1 use)

Night Ability 1: Single Combat - If target player visits you then become immune to death and conversion tonight and attack them (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: Command - If your first target visits anyone other than your second target attack them. Unusable until Night 3 (3 uses)

The General

Unseen Killer
Passive: Steadfast - Immune to occupation and redirection

Day Ability: Taunt - Target Player will be redirected to you tonight. (2 uses)

Night Ability 1: Oversee - If the Assassin is unable to kill their target for any reason or did not select a target you will attack target player. If the Assassin was redirected then only you will attack. (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: Revitalize - You will be immune to death tonight and appear as a member of the Blue Dragon. (3 uses)

Note: I am aware that the Generals Passive can out him. I have attempted to balance with that fact in mind.

Isn’t it throwing most of the times to use that Day Ability? You try to get yourself killed

Combine it with Single Combat.

Too abusable imo. And Command is just a CS without guilt usable N1.

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Agree that if this is a ToL suggestion (as opposed to an FoL suggestion) Command shouldn’t be usable N1

Fol suggestions are in the fol feedback thread iirc
This is a tol category

It’s not necessarily throwing, you might be trying to protect a more important target

I think this should probably make you immune to attacks and conversion from that player, rather than in full generality

not positive

Only if you are not a newbie and exactly know what you do

Lots of abilities could in theory be used to throw, but that doesn’t mean that using them is always or even usually throwing

An ability which has the purpose to get yourself killed as BD?

But by getting yourself killed, you’re redirecting them away from another target, who is probably also BD (and also realistically people would basically always use it in conjunction with the first night ability)

Do you think it’s throwing for a Drunk to redirect suspicious people into themself?

Why not hh’ing them or redirecting them into a protection\neut\sus target?

Aka probs not throwing as Drunk but there is no reason at all to do this, just a really poor play

Oops. Missed a line, one sec

To use this Ability properly you also target the player with Single Combat thus making you immune to the attack (unless it bypasses death immunity).

Think of it like a 1 shot old drunk debauch that has a bit more counterplay through occupation/redirection but also Kills you outright.