The Collector (Neutral Investigative)

P/s: -Hey just come back after a month without Internet :expressionless:. Feeling so good to making ideas again.
-Yea this idea may got affected by Pirate from ToS lul.


GETTING PIRATE VIBES M8, I LIKE IT BUT the opponent should die if he loses or something

Riddle me this

How is rock paper scissors in any way a good game mechanic


You get to do supreme wifom

When even Hjasik admits that it’s an inherently flawed design, we have a problem

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I dont say it will be r-p-s
But it can be somethings alike to that
To fit the game theme

I think its ok for now?
And the information he got can enough to screw either BD or Evil

I literally don’t care whatsoever about the theme of the game

Rock paper scissors is not an engaging element in a social deduction game

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You are right…
Cant really think of others idea to replace