The clown - neutral offensive


1.Crazy man:You will have 15 points at start.By player’s ability which targeted him will minus those points.

Such as:

Attacking - minus 3 points(Death immune until there is 0 point)

Occupying - minus 2 points

Redirecting - minus 2 points

Conversion attempt - minus 2 points

Framing/invest ability/support ability etc - minus 1 point

(Day ability)

Distraction trick:Three charges,minus one point.Make a player(including king)Can’t vote and talk.

(Night ability)

Insanity:Add two point,inf charges.Target a player,everyone targets that player will redirected to clown.

(Cannot target a player two nights in a roll)

Lovely present:minus one point,four a player,he will get one of these four effects.

Occupy,random redirecting,healing and framing.

(Clown also know what effect happened to the player.)

Goal:Reach 0 point and survive.

P.S.(after reaching to 0 point,clown can’t use those ability anymore.)