The Christis [New Faction Idea Reworked] V2.1

The Christis Faction.

The Faction Leaders.

The Bishop Christis Special
Sacrfice (Passive) - You gain 1 Points by dying or another member dying, if a action fails from the Christis you’ll gain your points back
Regenerate (Passive) - The christis will gain 2 Points each night phase, this passive stays if your class changes.
Foggy Room (Day) - Make a member show up as BD to investigators - 1 Point
Protective Rune (Day) - Make a member immune to death - 1 Point
Convert (Night) - Convert someone to become a member of the Christis - 1 Point [1 Day CoolDown]
Ritual (Night) - The Christis will gain 3 points - Infinite.
-You can select to be The Crusader if their are no Christis left. (During day)

The Crusader Christis Killer
Commander (Passive) - You’ll not become bishop unless last member or theirs a Cavalier.
Blight (Day) - Make someone bleed - 1 Point
Curse (Day) - Make a Player appear as Christis to investigative’s for the night- 2 Points
Terminate (Night) - Kill a player - 2 Points
Ambush (Night) - Wait outside someones house killing their visitor if their are two or more visitors you’ll not attack - 2 Points

Christis Goal
Goal: Defeat The Blue Dragon and any Neutrals that seek you harm.

Faction Counter (Sheriff/Paladin counterpart).

The Exorcist Blue Dragon Investigative
Exorcisim (Day) - Make a player unable to be converted and killed by Christis tonight - 2 Uses.
Scrutinise (Night) - Learn if they are Christis or Not - Infinte.
Cleanse (Night) - Kill a player if they are Christis - 1 Use. (Kills framed players doesn’t kill hidden Christis members)

Christis Converts.

The Slave Christis Offensive
Dutiful (Passive) - Immune to occupiation and redirection
Distract (Day) - Silence a player for 20 seconds,they will be unable to use day abilites - 1 Point.
Chains of Creator - Occupy a player tonight, They will not be able to use abilites for the night - 1 Point.
Creators Rune - Occupy everyone visting a player - 2 Points.
[Butler Convert]

The Timetravler Christis Support
Trance (Passive) - Kills for the Crusader Will cost one less point.
Time Blur (Night) - Make a Class get the same results as they did yesterday - 1 Point.
Time Snatch (Night) - If a player is bleeding speed up they will die that night instead - 2 Points.
[Chronomancer Convert]

The Mage Christis Support
Clouded Mind (Day) - Make a Investigative see the target always as BD. [S/S] - 1 Point.
Tornado (Night) - Target 2 players. Redriect all players targeting either of your targets to the other - 1 Point
Empowerment (Night) - Empowers all Christis members (Bishop will be occ immune, Socials Death immunity Others normal emps.) - 2 Points.
[CW Convert]

The Maludin Christis Offensive
I am the liquor (Passive) - Immune to occupation and redirection
Royal Blood (Passive) - During elections for a new king, votes for you will count twice.
Strings of Wrath (Night) - Redirect a player to another or self - 1 Point
Holy Wall (Night) - Occupy non-attacking Visitors - 2 Points.
[Drunk Convert]

The Woodsman Christis Killer
Murdorse Intent (Passive) - If the Crusader dies their won’t be a new one until you die, You’ll only become a Bishop if last Christis, Crusaders killing ability costs 1 instead of 2.
Second Commander (Passive) - You’ll won’t be promoted to Bishop unless you are the last member
Blight (Day) - Cause a player to bleed, disabled until the Crusader dies - 1 Point.
Hatred (Day) - Make yours or the Crusaders attack bypass healing - 2 Points.
Second plan (Night) - Target a player if Crusader is dead, Jailed, Occupied redirected or fails to kill you’ll kill that player for them - 1 Point.
Blood Party (Night) - Cause yourself to bleed to make all points free for the night - Infinite.
[Hunter Convert]

The Cavalier Christis Offensive
Holy Prevention (Night) - Occupy a player and their visitors - 1 Point
Frenzy (Night) - Make attacks from the Christis bypass everything - 3 Points
[Knight Convert]

The Misstress Christis Investigative
Selection (Day) - Select a class for your night ability (Background Check) - Infinte.
Background Check (Night) - Select 2 players learning if one is the class you selected you’ll learn which one if so - 1 Point
Finger Print (Night) - Learn the class types of two players - 2 Points.
[Maid Convert]

The Trickster Christis Social
Busy Mind (Passive) - Immuune to occupation and Redirection
Connected Hearts (Passive) - All Christis can talk to each other in a seperate day chat.
Telepathy (Day) - Telepathically send a anonymous message to everyone - 1 Point
TrollBox (Day) - Make it look like target player says something. they will not see the message - 1 Point
Mind Warp (Night) - Target player will see Framed results from using investigative abilites tonight - 1 Point.
Disguise (Night) - Target player will appear as chosen class, if executed tommorow - 2 Points.
[Mystic Convert]

The Patrician Christis Social
Royal Blood (Passive) - During elections for a new king, votes for you will count twice.
Religous Pressure (Day) - Force target player A to vote for player B Then, Prevent target B from voitng.
Noble Twin (Day) - Your decision during trial will count as two votes.
False Document (Night) - Learn if target player has royal Blood if they do you’ll stack it on your own Royal blood 2x>3x>4x ect. - 1 Point.
Court Spy (Night) - Summon shadows to report the contents of all whispers tommorow - 2 Points.
[Noble Convert]

The Stalker Christis Investigative
Follow (Night) - Follow the target player, discovering who a player targets and who targets them - 1 Point
Watch (Night) - Learn the names and classes who visit the selected player - 2 Points.
[Observer Convert]

The Medic Christis Support
Remedy Studies (Passive) - Immune to Bleeding
Exhume (Day) - Discover what killed a player at night - 1 Point.
Raining Blood (Day) - Make a player believe they are bleeding, they will get a normal heal message if healed.
Surgeory (Night) - Use herbs to heal target player, preventing their death and curing any bleeding, also making them night immune if christis - 1 Point
Drug (Night) - Causes a player to falsely think they were attacked and healed - 2 Points.
[Physician Convert]

The Celibate Christis Investigative
Royal Blood (Passive) - During elections for a new king, votes for you will count twice.
Bat Eyelashes (Night) - Learn the players class type - 1 Point
Tease (Night) - Learn the players Full Class - 2 Points.
[Duchess Convert]

The Dexorcist Christis Social
Manpulate (Day) - Force a player to vote Execute or Pardon based on your vote unkowngly - Point.
Forge (Night) - Make a new set of logs for a player if they die - 1 Point.
Confuse (Night) - Make the first player believe they were redirected to the second 2 Points.
[Exorcist Convert]

Christis Information

  • If their isn’t enough points Prority goes to Bishop > Crusader > Woodsman > Oldest Convert > Youngest Convert
  • The faction starts with 1 Point (2+ Night one) and gains more by the Bishop’s Night ability, Passive or gain one point by a member dying.
  • Their can be a maximum of 4 members.
  • The oldest member will become the new Bishop, The Crusader/Woodsman are exluded from this rule they will only become Bishop if their are no other members who can, The Crusader will become Bishop before the Woodsman.
  • If the Crusader dies, the oldest member apart from the Bishop and Woodsman will Become the new Crusader Unless their is a Woodsman.
  • The Exorcist always spawns at least once in Christs games

This faction idea was originally found here (Made by me).


The Christis [Faction]

2.0.5 Changes


-Trapper Renamed to woodsman
-Woodsman has gained all the old abilities of cavalier. (Credit goes to nuclear).
-Cavalier reworked

2.1 Changes


-Bishop Passive, Regenerate each night Christis members will gain two points.
-Ritual reduced to only giving 3 Points.
-Reduced Starting points to 1 Point.

Overall a Slight Buff to the current faction, maybe reworked after point testing ect.


Deus. Vult.

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DEUS VULT! holy warriors

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Why does the sheriff equivalent convert have such a weird kit?

This seems problematic. Why not just use the Hunter instead of the Knight for this sort of thing? He even has bleeds even so it makes sense.

*with unlimited points

Once you use this it will be impossible to get more points. So removing that limitation prevents a lot of stalemates that might occur otherwise

This is definitely one of the better faction idea’s I’ve seen. Has potential if we iron out some of the kinks. I’ll give a more detailed list of issues later but it seems mostly solid enough besides a few details.

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you make a good point with Hunter and knight converts being switched

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oh I was also meant to make crus be able to turn into a bishop during the day aswell.

similar to a suicide button.

as points might deem it impossible.

points need some testing to see if they are too much or too little at times

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Some big changes to The Knight and hunter converts. Credit goes to nuclear

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Ok another issue, this one more common.

This faction doesn’t get enough points to use their ability’s properly:

Convert+Kill = -3
Ritual+Kill = +2
Convert+Kill = -3
and so on.

Each night is on average -1 points. If that was from the faction as a whole this wouldn’t be a problem, since it leads to interesting resource management challenges. However the problem is that it means the key actions alone are unsustainable. Using day ability’s convert ability’s ect means you will run out of points far too quickly, which makes them practically unusable.

Luckily this has an easy solution. Give the Bishop the following passive:

Prayer (Passive) - The Christis gains 2 points at the start of every night. If your class changes you will keep this passive.

Then reduce the starting points to 2 so that they can’t easily build up a surplus early on (they will have 4 points by the start of N1) and you’re good to go.

Having the passive be kept helps in 2 ways:

1 - It means the Bishop becoming King is an amazing boon for the Christis since that means they can have 4 points per night instead of 2 from the passive (since someone else promotes to Bishop as well)


2 - This solves the issue I brought up with the Bishop becoming a Crusader with no points.

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If you really want to make sure they will end up pressed for points then 1 per night with 3 points to start is technically sufficient to sustain the core abilities, but having 2 per night means you can also sustain a single convert (a 4th convert can be sustained with continuous rituals). Using the 2 point ability’s and the day abilities would still create point shortages.

I sort of like this idea but Ritual might need changing might even be better to have no points at the start because it does seem currently powerful with the 2 points a night.

Also becoming king and having 4 points per night is super powerful. :I

I might need to run test games at some point or something to see how it works.

I want this faction to be just as powerful as CultSeen. Of course unseen and cult aren’t even perfectly balanced either.

if you have no points at the start then your N1 get’s fucked up.

You need to make sure they have at least 3 points at the start of N1

eh you can easily convert still doesn’t mess up the faction I do get your point.

You wouldn’t be able to convert AND Kill N1.

For cult that’s fine because they have the double kill. But this faction doesn’t have that (not even 2for1) so it’s not.

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Very true.

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V2.1 - Point system updated.

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