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The Christis [Faction]


This faction is based on points that can be restored instead of uses.

The Christis [Points system]
All members Start with 4 Points each.
All members Regain one point by not doing any night and day action.
Members can have a max of 10 points.
Can be a max of 4 members.
Christis King acts like normal kings and doesn’t have a point based system.

Faction leaders.


The Pacifist Christis Special
Passive(1): Sacrifice, if you die the all the Christis will gain 2 points each.
Day Ability(1): Barrier, Make a member appear as Blue Dragon and be Immune. for the night. (2 Points)
Day Ability(2): Last efforts, You’ll become a Crusader, if there is 7 or less people at the end of the night (Infinite)
Night Ability(1): Turn, Convert someone to become a Christis, (Infinite) [Day Cool down]
Night Ability(2): Buff, Give someone 4 points, can self target. (Infinite)

The Crusader Christis Killer
Day Ability(1): Rot, Make someone bleed out, they will die in two days if not healed. (3 Uses) [Not Point based]
Day Ability(2): Distract, Distract someone (1 Point)
Night Ability(1): Murder, Kill Someone (1 Point)
Night Ability(2): Brutality, Kill Someone, bleeding them if failed (2 Points)

Blue Dragon (Sheriff/Paladin Counterpart)


Exorcist Blue Dragon Investigative
Day Ability(1): Cleanse, If a player is Christis You’ll remove all there Points (2 Uses)
Night Ability(1): Scrutinise, Learn if a player is Christis (Infinate)

Note: Right now I’m thinking of some Changes of this class.

Converted Classes (States old what convert they come from.) [Based similar to unseen converts, Some changes I’d like to see to them but that should go with the Unseen class changes]


The Slave Christis Offensive (Butler Convert) -Still working on color polish ect.-
Passive(1): Immune to occupation and target changing.
Night Ability(1): Occupy someone making them unable to take action (1 Point)
Night Ability(2): Throw a party, occupying all players who visit you (2 Points)

The Maudlin Christis Offensive (Drunk Convert)
Passive(1): Royal Blood, Votes to become king count as two for you.
Passive(2): I am the Liquor, Immune to occupation and target changing.
Night Ability(1): Force a player to target a second of your choice (1 Point)
Night Ability(2): Happy Hour, Force someone to target themselves (2 Points)

The Practitioner Christis Offensive (Physician Convert)
Passive(1): Remedy studies, Immune to bleeding.
Night Ability(1): Drug, make someone think they have been healed tonight (1 Point)
Night Ability(2): Defile, Make someone look like a different class if they die tonight (2 Points)

The Trapper
Night Ability(1): Spike Trap, Occupy a player and anyone targeting them. (2 Points)
Night Ability(2): Snare Trap, Place a trap outside someones room they will be occupied two nights in a row if they leave there room (2 Points)

The Patrician Christis Social (Noble Convert)
Passive(1): Royal Blood, Votes to become king count as two for you.
Day Ability(1): Poltical pressure, Force someone to vote (2 Points)
Day Ability(2): Twin vote, Your vote will count twice (2 Uses)
Night Ability(1): Intrigue, Frame a player and learn the feedback of visitors (1 Point)
Night Ability(2): Court Spy, Spy on the court seeing all whispers. (2 Points)

The Trickster Christis Social (Mystic Convert)
Day Ability(1): Telepathy, Send a message anomalously to the court (1 Point)
Day Ability(2): Private Matters, Make whispers to and from you be unknown (1 Point)
Night Ability(1): Mind Warp, if the target is investigative, there investigation will be framed (1 Point)
Night Ability(2): Mental Blur, Completely erase the chat histroy of a player. (2 Points)

The Timetravler Chrisitis Support (Chronomacner Convert)
Passive(1): Recharge, You’ll regain a use for bleed, and will be first in line to become a Crusader.
Night Ability(1): Timesnatch, if the target player is bleeding, it will kill them tonight (2 Points)
Night Ability(2): Dark Dimension, Make Chrisits Appear as blue Dragon (2 Points [Maxium of two uses]

The Coercitor Chrisits Support (Knight Convert)
Night Ability(1): Protection, Occupy visitors on a Fellow Chrisits member. (2 Points)
Night Ability(2): Frenzy, Guarantees The Crusader will kill the target. Bypasses everything that may prevent them from attacking (3 Points) [Max 2 Uses]

The Magician Chrisitis Support (Court Wizard Convert)
Night Ability(1): Swap, Swap two players redirecting the visitors to each other. (1 Point)
Night Ability(2): Wall of Fire, Prevent all visits except that of The Crusader from affecting your target. (3 Points)

The Dexorcist Chrisits Investigative (Exorcist Convert)
Passive(1): Exorcist?, All points will return if you took them, they will go to the current Crusader if that member is now dead.
Night Ability(1): Probe, Learn a players class if Blue Dragon, will learn if neutral (1 Use)
Night Ability(2): Snoop, Take someones log books (2 Points) [Max 2 Uses]

The Ducissa Chrisits Investigative (Princess Convert)
Night Ability(1): Bat eyelids, Learn a players class type. (1 Point)
Night Ability(2): Uncage Wisp, Make everyone appear BD (2 Points)

The Stalker Chrisits Investigative (Observer Convert)
Night Ability(1): Follow, Learn who a player visits and gets visited by (1 Point)
Night Ability(2): Watch carefully, Learn a Players class (2 Points)

The Mistress Chrisits Investigative (Maid Convert)
Night Ability(1): Anaylze, test to see if players are the same class type, you’ll learn both of the classes if they are (1 Point
Night Ability(2): Prying Servants, Learn who visited a player on the night they died (3 Points)

-Promotion System
When the Pacifist dies the oldest non-Crusader will become the Pacifist, The Crusader will become the Pacifist if no one else can.
The Oldest non Pacifist will become a Crusader
Acceptation is when there’s a Timetravler they will always be in line for Crusader if the Crusader dies. if two the First Timetraver will become the crusader.

Poll here:

  • Good Faction, no changes needed.
  • Good Faction, But too weak needs small buffs.
  • Good Faction, But too strong needs some nerfs.
  • Decent faction, needs a lot of changes.
  • Bad idea, is completely stupid you should be reported for wasting my time you heathen!

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I’ll get you an actual review of the classes later

I would now but I’m dealing with school

Either tomorrow or tonight at about 5:15 CST zone


Reworking the converts to feel more unique.

But thanks


Ping me when your done so I know I can review it then/later


Will do.


It’s an interesting idea.

Does the The Crusader bypass occ, death immunity, and poison immunity? Does the poison applyin jail? Or does it make poison hit no matter what so long as you can hit it?


It bypasses everything apart from bleed/posion immunity but would interesting If it bypassed it just confusing

Some of the converts are gonna be reworked but I cannot do that without my laptop


This faction should have more interesting interactions with the point system.

As it is, this faction is extremely similar to Unseen without anything to make it extremely unique.

I’d develop on this more so that it ends up being more distinct.