The Champion[BD killer]

I think we need some more BD killers. I think it would help evils fake claim and also give BD some killpower in the case of an early prince death.

The average BD killer punishes players for actions. Knight punishes attackers for attacking a certain player, the hunter punishes attackers for attacking themselves. The hunter also punishes players for visiting players that they are not supposed to.

I wanted a killer that punished based on votes.

The Champion
BD killer

Exhaustion(passive) You will not be able to vote to execute or pardon a player the day after using a night ability.

(Night) Punish[3 use] - Choose a player. If they vote to execute a blue dragon player or pardon an unseen/cult player who is executed tommorow, attack them that night. Does not count as a visit on the night you attack them.(It only does it based off of flip, so disguise abilities can change the outcome of this.)

(Night) Triumph[1 use] - Choose a player. If that player is not a member of the blue dragon, attack them, bypassing death immunity. If they are a member of the blue dragon, your ability will fail and you will suicide.(Not usable until n3)

The Victorious
unseen offensive

(Night) Pick a side(1 use) - Choose a player. for the rest of the game, if they abstain on a vote, they will be occupied that night.

(Night) Faction superior(3 use) - Occupy everyone visiting any unseen member who voted any unseen member for treason in the previous day.


Triumph definitely shouldn’t have 3 uses if it bypasses death immunity. It also has less of a penalty and much stronger killing power than the knight(that doesn’t exist)'s Cold Steel.

i kinda agree. I really just didnt want a 4-abiliy class but I guess with how OP this charachter is i can make it 1-use

Also, Punish should only take effect if the person on stand is executed. Otherwise, you have an insta-confirm button.

Oh I thought I specified that one.

yeah i agree

We don’t need another Unique bd Killer

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So about that claimspace…

You know that BD also votes exe on other BD?

Overall, I don’t like it. It punishes people for normal play, the convert is eh, it being unique goes counter to what you intended.

I would suggest working on the formatting, # to make things bigger, > to block quote, emboldening and all that. Makes it more readable