The Blackmailed Spy [Another ToL Merlin Attempt]

The Spy

Blue Dragon Social

Undercover (Passive) - You know who the Mastermind and Cult Leader are at all times.

Blackmailed (Passive) -

  • You cannot vote against the Mastermind or Cult Leader, execute them, whisper, or talk while imprisoned, linked, or conduited.
  • If executed during the day or by Prince at night, you will appear to be The Fool and the punishment (or lack thereof) is the same as executing an actual fool.
  • Any Unseen or Cult who execute or attack you will appear not suspicious to investigatives that night.

The Double Agent

Unseen Social

Undercover (Passive) - You always appear as not suspicious to the Sheriff and Observer, and as a Social or Support class to the Princess. This passive is kept when your class changes.

Slander (Day) - Make the player on trial appear as their converted counterpart, if they are able to be converted. (1 use)

Blackmail (Night) - Make a player unable to vote against the Unseen, and force them to pardon if any Unseen are put on trial. (2 uses)


This is a stupid class, both of them. Can’t you say publicly [x] is CL?

You literally just out yourself D2 and say who the MM/CL is.

Then when they get executed you repeat this.

If necessary the Prince can chain-jail you until both MMs are gone, or until all CLs are gone.

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Solution: The Mastermind and Cult Leader appear as Princess if executed while you are alive.

In which case when they flip princess they confirm you’re right.

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What if two spies?

I mean, the odds that you’ll just randomly pick a non-outed Princess to accuse of being MM/CL are pretty darn low.

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It’s unique.

Fair point. The solution is:

They appear to be whatever class they claimed to be in their logs.

Fantastic. What if they have two claims in their logs?

That is a quality of life issue.

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You would need to design the entire game around this exact class.
Ergo, no matter what you do, it won’t work in ToL.


I know the idea is cool, but it’s the most destructive thing on the planet


The technical limitations of ToL prohibit this class from working, alongside the very design of the game being a rolemadness without any counterplay by scum themselves.

But I’m not going to talk about that.
It’s immediately fairly obvious.

I’ll look at this from Unseen/Cult pov
By this class existing, they are forced into a constant state of being confirmed scum to one player from the start of the game.
No matter what you do, you can’t avoid the fact that someone knows this.

It’s the definition of unfun gameplay.


The only way a Merlin can work is if scum have serious counterplay.
This counterplay in the context of ToL would have to be ‘if someone knows you are Merlin, you die and lynches are blocked for [x] days’

But even then it’s just unfun


I agree that is the only balanced counterplay. But I strongly disagree it would be unfun. Avalon and Mindnight have game modes like this already. And you can’t even eliminate the Merlin in those games because there is no player elimination.

Mindnight’s Merlin, when known to scum, locks town out of the game. (iirc)

So Blue Dragon loses if spy is revealed, but Unseen loses if they are incorrect about who spy is (nothing happens if they take no guess).

Reading about Merlin you will find experienced players say he isn’t actually that swingy when players are experienced and there are a sufficient number of players (16 is more than enough for a class that isn’t even guaranteed to spawn).

It’s only a problem for noobs, but that is easily remedied by not letting noobs player as Merlin or play as the evil class which is assigned to guess him.

About your experienced player point, I would be inclined to agree despite my lack of experience on the topic. But that’s beside the point.

If there were an alternative mode to ToL’s main mode, sure. This could be slotted into there.

As is, it warps the main game too much alongisde the varying skill that comes with a lack of a skill-based matchmaking system.