The Bishop [Royal Support]

The Bishop

Blue Dragon Support

Royal Blood (Passive) - Votes to elect you King count twice.

Service (Night) - Select 2 players, and perform the ability of the first on the second. You will only get “worked” or “didn’t work” as feedback.

Doesn’t work on abilities whose feedback can’t be translated to “true” or “false”.

So for example if you use Surveille on Alcoholic, it says “worked”. Surveille on Blue Dragon will inform you that it “didn’t work”.

But if you try to use Flirt or Follow, it always says “didn’t work”, because there are more than 2 possible results.

It would work with Wisp or Window Peek though.

Using “Heal” will say “worked” if the target was healed from attack or bleed, and “didn’t work” otherwise.

Using “Assassinate” would say “worked” unless the targe was immune to death, then it would say “didn’t work”.

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What if I bless an observer?


I wonder if he can execute someone in jail

Wait how would that work if he needs to choose a person to target. What happens if he targets the king?

This should probably be a special class type


Assassin:Bishop target me today and heal the prince. I’ll heal someone else if the prince dies tonight you are going to be executed.
Bishop:K, proceeds to target the assassin and kill the prince
Assassin:Kill him he didn’t heal the prince

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2000IQ CW: Swaps Prince <-> Assassin


3000 IQ Reaper:Kills Assassin

4000 IQ Poacher: Spike traps the assassin

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Doesn’t that occupy the assassin as well lol

5000 IQ Fool:Hides and isn’t attacked

Yes. That’s what makes it 4000 IQ instead of just obvious

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100 IQ Chronomancer: Redirects a delayed death to the fool.

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Technically not an attack.

Imagine a class that swaps negative effects around/redirects them to itself

Passive 1:You are immune to any negative effects that you redirect towards yourself.
Day Ability 1-Iron Will:Make the person you target immune to death tonight-2 uses
Night Ability 1-Take-Take away the negative effects anyone has/is targeted by tonight-Unlimited Uses
Night Ability 2-Swap all negative effects someone has/gets tonight with someone else-1 use

Negative effects do not include attacks. They include frame/conversion/poison/bleed/occupy

My dumb brain doesn’t understand this class at all

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Night 2 could be make someone immune to negative effects perm instead

Better idea

Filler Class (Support)
Passive-You are immune to anything that you redirect towards yourself.
Day Ability 1-Uograde-Upgrade your first night Ability tonight to also redirect attacks tonight-2 uses
Night Ability 1-Redirect all negative effects that your target has to yourself tonight. (This doesn’t redirect the person targeting them, this takes the effects that the person has)-Infinite
Night Ability 2-Watch-Target a person and prevent the first negative effect that targets them for the rest of the game. This includes death-1 use


Define negative effect