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The best Drunk game in history


I was not the Drunk, but he debauched the Alchemist into killing Evil King.

I was Fool, I found out 4 was reaped n1 because I tried to Trollbox him and it didn’t work, so I claimed to have reaped 4 and of course everyone believed me.

Meanwhile King tried to execute Prince for being Killer class, so Prince claimed Possessor, fooling the court into thinking he was Fool while we both thought each other was REAPER.

Next day I won, and the Apostle got jailed and executed for outing himself to 15 since he thought 15 was Fool. Unfortunately Prince then died to wolf (lol).

Incredible game even though multiple people got reported for supposedly cheating when nobody actually did.


the Prince then claimed Possessor


Reporting someone for cheating is the biggest complement you can give them in a video game