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The Baron/Lord Blue dragon/Unseen Social


And it could be a night ability, which would still be the same mechanic and is perfectly viable to base a class around


Then I’d be removing one of the abilities, but i guess it could work


Brb reworking it


The ability’s are low impact anyways. You could combine Royal ballet and Nobility into something like this:

Royal Ballet (Night) - Give target player the “Royal Blood” passive or take it away if they already have it. You will know who votes for them to become King in the event of an election. (2 uses)


Nice! I’d add some kind of failsafe for occupation, alternatively just make it instant like with the Mystic.


Also I’d probably make it clear that the 2 targets can also talk to each other. Pretty sure they can but the wording is unclear


Perfect! Looks good


Hopefuy it fixes some issues, a new social bd is needed like a offensive


Yeah this qualify’s


It’s also way more balanced and less swingy than it used to be


Do they know who the Baron is if he uses that?

Tailor or Scorned disguise? Does it only affect the current night/ next day or is this permanent? (Also reminds me of my suggestion :eyes:)


It was mainly from my old idea trickster or something.

No they will only know one of them is the baron of course they would quickly find out


Fm merc is better imo


FM merc works because they choose their contract d1 and there are a lot of counters to outing as one.

It’s randomly assigned in ToL and only really works if randomly assigned, due to length of d1


I mean extending day 1 by 10 Seconds, havjng merc choose day 1 or 2 would be good