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The Baron/Lord Blue dragon/Unseen Social


We’ve been removing any RNG that doesn’t literally break things whenever possible.

Randomly no healer? Fixed
Randomly no sheriff? Fixed
Target is now random? Fixed
Learn a random class? Removed
Lynch a random player? Reworked


Games in general tend towards non-randomness


If your methord of balancing is lowering spawn rates then it creates big problems, meta gaming, ect.

Yes those where basic changes but this isn’t RNG middle game its apart of the spawning process aka the set up


Sheriff/Paladin being guaranteed is to counter unseen/Cult

Healers are to counter bleeding.


I agree that “Unfair” Rng isn’t good but this isnt Rng that’s going to break the game.

Maybe there could be a work around where the player selects at the start of the day who will be apart of the chat


But i dont think its broken in the first place…


Wrong question. As a rule it is better to minimize RNG due to it both feeling unfair and causing swing. Thus it isn’t a matter of if it breaks the game but rather if removing it breaks the game, at least within the context of that one class.

If King wasn’t RNG he would be broken. We’ve seen what would happen with a guaranteed neut King and it isn’t pretty.

Same for the class distribution as a whole.

Even pity converts are there to solve an even bigger problem.

For inquisitor if we come up with a consistent and reliable system that maintains the same purpose then we would likely switch to it like we did with scorned. Even there however he does serve a purpose as an anti-massclaim mechanism (even if it could be done better).


Theres not problem with rng.

Its unfair rng aka maids first match, its anti social deduction and just good luck.

Having a night chat brings more complexity to the game, similar to being heathen, i think we have very different ideas on how classes work and how things should work.

It’s not in the case of “Rng ruins the game”

Its a case of is the RNG going to give a unfair advantage to other players.

I disagree with the scorned rework it feels unnecessary, because it was apart of the spawning process, same goes with Inquisitor but i can see why some would consider that “Bad” Rng, a nightchat doesn’t effect the game that badly it’s apart of the spawn process and not apart of a broken ability, if you’re saying all Rng aspects should be minimalised as possible i have to disagree with you, it waters down the complexity and creates meta gaming, currently you’d have to complety overhaul Inquisitor to make it less Rng, but its not inherently a good thing, because Inquisitor adds some extra complexity to the game, with being a heathen.

I just feel like that some rng is good in the game of course im not arguing RNG investigation, Rng Kills or other night abilities should be in the game, but i believe its fine if its apart of the starting game aka the random spawning processes.


Or in otherwords: Inquisitor’s mechanics are good enough to make up for the issues regarding it’s RNG and trying to maintain that without removing the RNG has yet to succeed


Inquisitor is a good class in spite of his RNG. Not because of it


Oh yeah merc is another example btw


Inquisitors desgined around rng, spawning rng isn’t bad.

Also having a neighbourhood based on a classes passive is a unique and intresting idea


What? Mercenary now being boring compared to what it used to be


Current merc is one of my favorate classes right now


I just wish they didn’t lower the bridler count so much


Nah a lot of people prefer old merc.

Id like old merc and new merc to both be in the game personally but old mercenary was my favourite class


Of course mercenary with no rng is easy to make.


I personally like the idea of having a night chat, but i can understand that it favours very slightly for the people selected


Anyways. If this class was impossible to make without RNG then that would be one thing. But it isn’t, both of the night ability’s are fairly low impact and could easily be turned into an ability for this. Limited use of course


The passive is meant to be the main mechanic around the class