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The Baron/Lord Blue dragon/Unseen Social


I said it’s necessary rng


can you like stop straw manning me it’s annoying


Im comparing not staw manning


Your straw manning by comparing my argument even when I said that it was a necessary rng


Its not necessary remove starting king.


It literally is wtf are you on


If your really a advocate of less Rng you’d remove every class with rng elements

This class has a minor passive that is apart of the roll that has a rng night chat, your saying that breaks the game and leaves it down to rng.




I don’t understand how minor Rng elements ruin the game when a lot of starting things should be Rng’d

Yes if an ability like matchmake has rng thats a bad thing and it’s unfair, even Inquisitor a well known class has massive effectjng rng, way more then this class.

If your argument is all rng is bad the remove every rng element including starting kings.


Yup. Wisp, Drug, Soulcatcher, Scorned some of the Noble passives ect all used RNG and now don’t.

If we find a way to make inquisitor less RNG based while maintaining his positive effect on the game then I’m sure we would change him too.


EK spawn lowers the odds of SS spawn and probably other stuff.

Once the King is established the other classes are procedural rather than truly random. Yes there is some RNG there but it is minimized


Also. Here there are ways to make this class not use RNG. Tie it to a night ability or something.


Point is its fine its not unfair Rng

Something likd being a heathen is less fair then bring apart of the passive

And the problem with ek less likely spawning with sellsword is obvious

Its even worse infact it creates some games being one sided and horrible for bd

Thats the same mentality with balancing Observer making it spawn less isnt fixing the problem its creating a bigger problem


And I’d want that to be changed too. Your point?


Changing spawn rates to fix problems is another can of worms then this though, it’s still unfair and creates meta gaming based on spawn rates


Being in a random chat doesnt disadvantage anyone.


Nope. It’s a huge advantage for 2 random people


Its not a massive advantage


I beg to differ


Removing all random aspects is a bad idea there needs to be some randomized things simply put it