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The Baron/Lord Blue dragon/Unseen Social


the reason no one can meta game it is because they won’t tell us the exact rate for this reason


I got to find bosolf old posts


A randomized setup isn’t bad.

Thats my point classes like Inquisitor have three random targets, as long as its apart of the setup.

Thats even worse lol its Rng thats one sided so it benifits one faction more then the other and when it does benifit evils it gives them a massive benefit

The rate is 35% ek.
What are you on about.


did you read my posts at all?


read it


Yes, you’re acting like ek rates having been given your points are very weak


also a randomized setup is needed





I said if there’s an evil king then the game has a less of a chance of rolling an evil neutral

I can go and find Ellie saying this somewhere


actually don’t have time due to traveling and about to exit the cafe with internet


go search their posts with evil king


or chance


So your saying rng is a bad thing but one of the biggest mechanics of having a evil king is a goos thing?

And it effects the other rolls? Even if its more favourable to good theres a small chance there will be evil neutrals too.

Unfair Rng.

But your saying starting random targets for a night chat is super unfair rng.

Whats your point?


My point is that the setup is trying to be less random as possible but it’s impossjble if they don’t want to meta game the setup. The point here is that RNG is a stupid mechanic and it takes all the skill out of the game, comparing this to a necessary “rng” mechanic is kind of dumb.


It doesn’t matter when its unaccountable Rng that creates meta gaming but apparently a random night chat is super unablanced.

Just like when unseen get random starting members to night chat with each other.


Then make all kings Neutral, removes your Rng.


Randomized nightchat doesnt take skill out of the game.


No it doesn’t it makes the setup automatically known and it destroys it

It’s like saying let’s put one of each bd role in a game and let each person know which bd roles are in there


Less rng? Like you said.


honestly you are basically straw manning my arguments now

@NuclearBurrito take over I got to go now