The Astromancer [Neutral Investigative]

The Astromancer :shield:
Neutral Investigative

Star Map: At the start of the game, three constellations will be formed comprising of three distinct players each.
Lucky Star: You are death immune once.

Asterism (inf use): Learn if your target is part of a constellation and if yes, which one.

Stargaze (inf use): Choose 2 players and identify if they are part of a constellation. If they are a pair you will learn their classes. This can target dead players.
Galaxy Cross (2 use): Learn which constellations visit your target tonight.

Win condition: Correctly use Stargaze to find a pair of each constellation.

Ability Feedback

Kape [4] holds a constellation. They are Orion!
Kape [4] isn’t part of your star map.

You have identified Kape [4] as Assassin and Fake Claiming [14] as Noble. They are Andromeda!
At least one of your targets is part of a constellation.
Your targets don’t hold the same constellation sign.

Galaxy Cross:
Your target was visited by Orion, Orion and Cassiopeia last night.
Your target wasn’t visited by any constellations last night.

Win condition:
You have identified Andromeda! You still need to find Orion and Cassiopeia.
You have completed your Star Map, finding all constellations!

King cannot be part of a constellation.
Constellation names: Orion, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, etc.


shouldn’t this include their classes

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@katze Can you explain to me how this class isn’t a worse version of Inquisitor
And how this isn’t a Visit 2 RNG win

idk why you’re asking me when its kapes suggestion

i only like it because of the meme

truth be told i still think it needs a fair bit of work before i think it’d actually belong in the game

No, I just wanted to see if you thought it wasn’t those.

i’d say it’s not strictly worse than inq due to inq being less appealing to keep around generally, but i see what you mean

and as it stands this class does seem very RNG, yes