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The Artist [semi-serious class suggestion]


Who has time to paint a pretty picture when you’re busy hunting Prince?

Enter, the Artist!

The Artist

Neutral Social

Passionate (Passive) - Immune to death once.

Contract (Night Ability) - Visit a player. If they die, your deathnote will appear on them.

Provenance (Day Ability) - Learn who drew the deathnote on a player.

You win if you contract 4 deathnotes.

The number of deathnotes required to win should force the Artist to communicate directly with killers.


How many uses on their abilities?




This is like having to successfully heal 4 times. 3 would be a more appropriate number.


Basically a guaranteed evil vote in that case.

Eh. Looking over this I see a lot of inherent problems, especially with its day ability being able to find evils making the difficult part incredibly easy (predicting who dies).


The idea is you have to get evils to tell you in advance who they are going to kill


With nobles and “why does this guy whisper that one?” existing? I just don’t see 4 happening. Why should it be Pretender style difficulty?

Evils also have not very much incentive to work with this person.


I don’t foresee it being prohibitively difficult to bypass nobles by using references to shared secrets disguised as innoccous whispers

Evils also have not very much incentive to work with this person.

blackmail? lol

However I do admit it is a half-baked concept