The anti convert guy and the evil anti convert guy

the anti convert guy (name pending)
BD unique support

loyal to the cause - immune to convert. lose this passive if someone tries to convert you

day abilities:
visions (1-2 uses) - learn tonight if evils got a successful convert off

night abilities:
mind shield (inf uses) - protect someone from conversion. cannot select the same person twice. if you successfully protect someone you will be unable to target them for 4 nights

loyalty check (3 uses) - check if someone is the converted version of their class.(if someone is a herbalist from Phys you will know however if they are assassin from Phys you wont know)

the evil anti convert guy(name also pending)
unseen support

quick learner - you gain the apprentice passive if you become assassin

day abilities:
focus mind (1 use) - prevent you from taking any actions tonight but prevents conversion from being made immune by a CW or anti convert guy. those that are unconvertable will cause the MM convert to fail. if the conversion fails you will be refunded your ability use.

night abilities:
mind swap (inf uses) - cause the target player to appear framed to investigative sources tonight. cannot target the same player twice in a row

scout check (2 uses) - cause the sheriff scouts to be alerted notifying the sheriff someone visited their target regardless of whether anyone did.

the names are subject to change but I wanted to make someone who prevents conversion because theres no one dedicated to that.

I don’t count CW as an anti convert class but if you do that’s fine disagree with me

  • first one is Investigative and the second one is Social
  • there is no apprentice passive

Starting Assassin has apprentice? Or did Xblade decide that starting assassin shouldn’t become MM?

Starting Assassin still has Apprentice.

I see.

ill reiterate the quick learner passive. what i mean is that you can become MM without being the starting assassin assuming the MM dies when you are assassin

“you retain apprentice” instead of “you gain apprentice” was very confusing wording

ive changed it now

I would definitely make this Unique, or rare to spawn

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he is now unique