The Anachronistics (New Faction idea)

“Quickly! We must change history before our Future becomes history!”

The Time Traveler

(Anachronistic Special)


Future tech - Death and bleed immune.

Day Abilities

Nanobots - Cause a player to start bleeding. They will die in 2 nights unless healed. (3 uses)
Bogus Magic - All members of the Anachronistics will be immune to the affects of magic users. The magic user will be informed that their abilitiy either failed (Such as the Sorcerer) that their ability didn’t trigger (Like the Chronomancer if they delayed an attacked Anarchonistic, the delay would fail) (Magic users include: Chronomancer, Court Wizard, Mystic, Princess if using Will o Whisp, Possessor if being Possessed or being used to attack someone else, The Reaper, and The Sorcerer (No one will die if they are a walking bomb)) (1 use)

Night Abilities

Brain Implant Convert someone into the Anachronistic faction. (Inf uses)
History Search Determine if someone has a killing ability or if they possess royal blood.
Your goal is to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Idk what to call the 2nd Anachronistic or the hardcounter to them

What are the converts and how does the system work?

The converts are split into Class type, Royal/Not Royal, Magic user/Not Magic user.
For example, a Magic Support would be one class while a Non Magic Support would be different.

There can be 4 of this faction alive, but no obe can replace the 2nd faction member.


wait I don’t think chronomancer is a magic user I think he’s just has highly advanced technology

Seems like a random mash of abilities that don’t go together. A cooler idea would be to add a time mechanic that messes with the day time or what day it is

Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic



I guess a cellphone is magic to them

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By a magic user I mean a class that uses magic as an ability.

What could this classes hardcounter be?

Feels kinda arbitrary. Like you can’t deduce from a classes mechanics if it is magic or not

Yes it felt arbitrary for the old inquisitor too

Well I mean a Chronomancer transferring a death to someone else would be magic, no? And it would also be magic if they were to intervene with someone dying without using things found in the natural world.

No but like. If I told you there was a class that could prevent a death only for it to happen 2 nights later. And another class that just prevented a death forever.

Could you figure out which one is magic and which one isn’t?

Afterall if we want physician to be a magic user all we have to do is call them the cleric, nothing about the class has changed by doing this. Thus the only basis for calling a class magic is lore which isn’t part of the mechanics.

Royalty is a passive that can be tracked, alignment is tied to wincon and class types are ultimately based off the mechanics of the class being given the typing.

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Chrononmancer is a time traveler

Technically, by blue dragons standards he’s magic. Just like if you showed a barbarian a cellphone it would be magic to them

It’s just highly advanced technology

Actually that’s because cell phones are just magic

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Either way, can we agree that a chronomacer, in their current time with their tech, could not be reasonably able to be said to use technology to help them?

No because he’s a time traveler

it’s technology

but by using it in the past it’s classified as magic to BD

Can we agree that the chronomancer uses magic or now?


Not my point. If I just gave you the raw mechanical aspect of the chronomancer with none of the flavor or lore then how could you figure out that they are magic?

That’s why it feels arbitrary. There is nothing about these classes that makes them magic. They’re just given the label because they look like what you think of as magic.